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🇺🇲 Energy Web Token at CarbonSwap Tutorial – Earn up to 900 % APY with Pool , staking, airdrop

Today’s video is about the Energy Web Token (EWT) and the Carbonswap Exchange, the first exchange that claims to be an eco exchange. Strong partners like …



  1. Cheapest way I've found so far on how to get ahold of EWT's. Get some USDT's from your preferred exchange. Send to Kucoin (Americans, there are such things as VPN's. It's not just for watching Netflix when abroad.). Buy the native EWT coin. Send that EWT to your EW wallet (cost is .25 EWT). No need to be in eth mainnet, so no gas fees for wrapping, transfer, etc… Then do as Piece of Wealth described and start farming SUSU's!

  2. Was thinking, wouldn't it be cheaper to simply send only $EWT to your wallet and then convert half of it to wETH on the carbonswap exchange since the fees are much lower?

  3. Can you tell me approximately how much I can earn on carbon swap by providing susu liquidity, let say, on investment of 50 ewt

  4. I never used metamask is completely new for me so if you can please explain to as how you buy solarcoin in metamask Thank you!

  5. Hi and thank you for your instructional videos. I subscribed to your channel and will be checking daily. You are an excellent coach. I will also pass your page information onto others. Thank you again!

  6. Thank you! you spoke good English!, I can't imagine making a tutorial video in my 2nd Keep up the great work!

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