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🔴 $24Bn Saved After Polygon Patched Exploit | This Week in Crypto – Jan 3, 2022

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🔥 Here’s what happened this week in Crypto. For the complete stories visit:

0:24 Elon Musk Guesses at Bitcoin’s Creator –
0:47 Polygon Network Patched a $24Bn Bug –
1:11 Binance Gets Approval in Bahrain –
1:34 Turkey’s Crypto Bill is Ready –
2:00 Russia’s Largest Bank Introduces the First Blockchain ETF –
2:25 Times Square Building Owner Enters Decentraland –
2:50 Ozzy Osbourne to Release NFTs –
3:12 Ferrari Hints at NFTs –
3:31 Gamestop’s NFT Marketplace Opened for Registration –
3:50 NFT Domains with No Renewal or Claim Fees –

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