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  1. Without knowing plans and roadmap intimately I can still look at the charts, coin ownership, and trends and conclude that it's probably more likely for this coin to 10x than it is for it to drop 50%.

  2. Thanks man, I think a pump all the way up to 3 dollars is plausible similar to August 2015. If you put the chart in monthly time frame you will see that drawing a channel this move would make sense and would be much confluence around that target 3 dollar
    And also considering it's in NFT sector a 10 X pump suddenly wouldn't be a surprise considering how smooth love potion pumped last month

  3. Another small cap Nft play is Vibe, this could easy 100X, please take a look and would be great to check the chart, a video analysis would be awesome

  4. One of my biggest bags. Soooo much yet to run. If you havnt got any yet, I’d definitely add it to your wallet. Very safe coin as it’s basically still on the floor 🙂

  5. the more I look into this asset's trend since 2015, the more confident I am in this asset. Games has gained a much higher base price than 2015, and I think it is very likely to go higher than all time high in this coming altseason.

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