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🚨 Urgent warning: crypto market crash होने का क्या है कारण और आगे क्या होगा? | bitcoin news today

Urgent warning: crypto market crash होने का क्या है कारण और आगे क्या होगा? | bitcoin news today hello friends welcome to bitcoin duniya.



  1. Thanks bro, will follow ur advice

    BTW, when do ya plan on reviewing Dumeno? It seems like an x200 profit way, especially because the market really needs Wut theyareabout to offer…

  2. Trading with Expert Mrs Jane is the fastest way to make money online her method work like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

  3. Bhai market down Chal rha hai…aur Mera port folio Ka ..20% loss dikha Raha hai ..kya Karun Bhai Kuch suggest Karo …

  4. क्या कल की तरह AR कॉइन फिर से बढ़कर 77 हो जाएगा?

  5. I am holding CUDOS . Please tell me what is your opinion when CUDOS will pump and upto how much ? Thanks

  6. Check out EQUAL (EQL). Equal is the next trustwallet! Hidden gem only $3 million marketcap, it was listed on pancakeswap just a few days ago and syrup pools will open soon. Team even survived the last crypto bubble and is working hard, The first wallet version is allready working and available for chrome. You can switch now between bep2 and binancesmartchain (released a week ago) this project has an exciting future and is in his early childhood, this time youre not late. Search for EQL on coinmarketcap and do your own research, this has incredible 100x or more potential.

  7. Sir can u please make a video on Bulldoge coin (BLDG). Its a meme coin.
    I Recently buy it on pancakeswap

  8. Maine 20k WazirX mai deposite kiya tha Abhi tak Wallet mai aaya nhi hai.
    5 din ho gye hai.
    Any suggestions ?

  9. haha!! You said to invest in a coin having strong fundamentals, then suddenly you took the name of DOGE coin?
    what fundamental you found in DOGECoin, Probably you are also part of the rat race. Maybe dogecoin is good for speculation.

  10. ‪elongate deluxe next 10000x (its started off same as safemoon with 1300 holders oready in last hour and been CoinMarketCap top trending)‬

  11. 🚀 HAPPY to be in the HAPPY community! $90k donated and another $50k on the way tomorrow. I can’t sing its praises enough, I LOVE this token 😀

  12. Main Jo profit earn karta hu to usko nikalta nhi sirf deposit wala paisa nikalta hu aur profit mera coin purchase me add ho jata h
    Kya ye Sahi tarika h investment ka

  13. I am new but i know when to invest. I buy when market is down and sell when market is up

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