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🚨ELROND (EGLD) Price Prediction 2021!🚨 | Elrond Explained | Elrond vs Cardano

OVERVIEW In this video I’m going to give an in depth explanation of Elrond and the eGLD token and why I think the team has set the project in a great direction …



  1. Great video mate!
    Elrond is a sleeping giant and with its coming airdropped tokens is looking pretty awesome.
    Feel sorry for those who are not seeing this potential!

  2. you should make an odysee account . odysee is built on the blockchain meaning you cant be censored or penalized or suppressed by being a content creator like youtube does . you also get LBRY tokens which you can cash out. you also can collect LBRY coins for watching content , sharing content literally everything. Its really user friendly and imo is better than youtube.

  3. starts the video
    "For anyone who is new to crypto"
    checks the date of the first crypto video on this channel: 2 months ago
    But thank you youtube for the recommandation….

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