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🧙‍♂️ The Value of Arya's Iron Coin | ASOIAF Theory

When Jaqen H’ghar parts ways with Arya Stark, he gives her a coin that he claims will allow her to find him again. If she gives to a man of Braavos and says the …



  1. Great video Matt! One of those things I never considered too much, but it makes absolute sense. Thanks for your work 🙂

  2. I recently saw the scenes again… the only discrepancy in this explanation is he said give the coin to any captain, not any man from bravos…

  3. Alright, hold on, so if they think she IS a Faceless Man… then why not take her to the Wall like she asked? If I were a cab driver, and a known assassin got in my cab, I'm driving him wherever in the fuck he wants to go, no questions asked.

  4. This blends well with the thoughts I had concerning the coin. I always believed that the iron coin was more of an obligation of the Braavosi to the coin bearer. It seemed more than the promise of payment, but almost as a blood debt owed!

  5. Great video. I might also add that helping a faceless man might not only be because of their history and duty from Braavosi-citizens. I assume the faceless man will amount some serious money considering how much they charge for their killing. So helping a faceless man is also helping the Braavosi economy and thus yourself. Not getting killed if you can get to know them a little might be a nice bonus:-)

  6. Nice vid, covered alot. I would add that its likely the original Faceless Men were Children/Singers and maybe some still are. They were not slaves in old valyria, they lived AMONGST the slaves in the 14 flames. CoTF inhabit caves as we know, and have eyes suited for darkness. In addition, as in the Hammer of Waters, the doom is another "natural" disaster that put a stop to some unacceptable behavior by men.

  7. I always took it as there being more Faceless men, and since they were nobody so any Bravossi would know that they are a Faceless man no matter how they act, since they HAVE to take the personality of the person the face belongs to, again, because they are NOBODY. That is why the faces only really "spoke" to Arya but since she stayed as Arya Stark and didn't become nobody the faces could only whisper bit not takeover…

  8. Maybe in the book the coin has the meaning of identification, but i don't think it's in the show. As when Arya gave it to the Bravosi, he asked "Where did you get this?". He know-or- believe that she is not a faceless man. He accepted not because he think that she a faceless man but rather because she has the coin. The coin has great value, since it's iron- you could probably take it back to the facelessman's most frequent employer -the ironbank to cash in, or when gathered enough, even give them back to the temple to asked the facelessman to take someone life. Not all Bravosi worship the faceless god nor do all of them owed the facelessman anything to be honour bounded by the words and coin, bravosi citizens can also be moonsinger, r'hllor follower, seven god believer,… In the show, only the extremely poor and miserable come to the temple of the faceless god.

  9. Great video. But why would the captain refuse to take arya to the wall or anywhere else? It seems dangerous to refuse someone you assume is no one?

  10. This was a really awesome video. I’ve watched a ton of GOT lore on YouTube and rarely learn anything. Great job on connecting it back to his other work as well.

  11. The glass flower excerpt sounds an awful lot like Arya's relationship to Needle. Through every identity she's had, even after promising to give up her old identity entirely and throw away all her belongings, she's kept Needle as a reminder of who she really is. The brother who gave it to her, the castle it was forged in, the father who found her a teacher, the mother and sister who were so disappointed in her "needlework". Now, maybe her wolf-dreams would have kept her tied to that Stark identity anyway… or maybe without that physical totem and reminder, she'd have lost that aspect of herself as well.

    And to think the show had her perform her apotheotic assassination with some fucking *dagger*.

  12. I don't think it's necessarily a question of "does the coin indicate she's a Faceless Man or that she's a a novice". I think it's a deliberate ambiguous symbol.

    Maybe she's a Faceless Man who wants to go home. Maybe she's a promising recruit a Faceless Man wanted to send to be trained. Maybe she's just someone who killed a Faceless Man and took the coin from them.

    Either way, this person is to go to the House of Black and White, no questions asked… and they're someone you'd rather be your friend than your enemy.

  13. Very good! I never understood what the bravosi captain would use the coin for. I guess he doesn't keep it (is it so in the books?). It's only a show of "identity". However, if that were the case, why would he not take arya to wherevee she wanted? Or give her anything else, for that matter

  14. I like the idea of the coin being a mark on the bearer. It claims you for the Faceless Men. So as much as it guarantees you assistance, it also locks you into a one way ticket to a single destination. That way no one would ever try to fake them. A Faceless Man would never need the coin. But to show you are claimed by them would get you all the help in the world to put yourself into their hands.

  15. The coin is a method of identification and grants safe passage/service more of a method of identification presenting a coin would be saying yes I'm a faceless one grant me safe passage

  16. My take?
    All the people that she has come in contact with, play a part, however small, in her future training.
    She'll need to learn these things in order to be successful, in her endeavor.
    By applying what little bits of training or knowledge you receive, can be the difference between success and failure….

  17. I wonder if the glass candles work by saying the name of the person you wish to spy on/ or dreamspeak with… in that way, only someone with no true identity would be able to elude the magic of the glass candles. Hence, the importance of being ‘no one’… idk, just a theory.

  18. So she Arya
    became one of them? or She failed? or She wanted to be like them from the beginning? I got the
    feeling that she just wanted to train to take care of her list, it was her way of being alive and living for. REVENGE …..?

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