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$0.00 GAS DEFI with Ethereum Assets on Moonswap! Moonswap is changing the game!

This video shows what to do and what not to do trading assets on Moonswap. Moonswap just completed the first successful migration of Ethereum Assets to the …



  1. so you're telling me if i stake/yield farm 50k at 559% apy , my 50k at the end of the year is going to be 329,500?? if so how can they afford such high apy?? seem like too good to be true ,, is there like a limit how much one can stake at a time?

  2. Quick question do you know what the CFX and FC tokens that were generated from farming Moon Tokens are and what I can do with them?

  3. Wish I had this before I sent my moon to no mans land to try and get it in the the Conflux wallet … FML lol … Great Video man love it.

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