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#1 Fresh Reset 1200MMR Gameplay! | Double Dusk + Mech | Axie Infinity Strategy Gameplay Arena

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the best team i ever had 🙂

Fresh Reset of 1200 MMR at the moment 1300MMR

Feb 9, 2022 Gameplay Axie Infinity Arena Strategy

Some of my winning games! Thanks for watching!



MECH (MID) 48spd
Back- Juggling Balls / Furball
Mouth – GODA / Piercing sound
Horn – Arco / Acrobatic
TAIL – Twin tail / Twin Needle

DUSK (FRONT) 39spd
MOUTH – SEROUS / Vegetal Bite
BACK – Sandal / Bug Splat
TAIL – Cattail

DUSK(BACK) 43spd
HORN – Tiny Catapult
MOUTH – Pincer
BACK -Bulwark
TAIL -Tiny Dino

IG – adobomix_on_axie

MUSIC – epidemic sound


#axieInfinity #PlantSandalAxie #DuskPlant #GodMech

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