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22kt GOLD Coin PENDANTS!!!

Round Gold American Eagle gold coin pendants now available on! These aren’t the cheaply made ones either. The PAMP pendants have been …



  1. I forgot to mention the chains:

    Featured on the 1/10 oz is the 1.2MM Franco. 1/4 oz is on the 1.5MM Franco and the 1/2 oz is on a 2.5MM FRANCO. That’s the same for the website as well.

  2. Hey buddy I was checking out your website, the for the gold eagle 1/10 is 1g… is that right?

  3. They put enough gold in that gold American eagle oz as a 24k coin oz that is why it weighs more than any 24k coin in grams teach ppl man about this as an investment

  4. But arent american eagles a litle heavier since its 22k? Would a 1/2 oz panda coin fit in there without falling?

  5. If you put your gold coins into a jewellery setting you reduce the value to BELOW bullion spot price. All gold dealers will only buy these as junk melt gold. Don't do this if you want to preserve the bullion value of your coin.

  6. For these pendants people your getting taxed. On APMEX today with gold at $1700 an ounce, I got a 8gram .9999 2019 sealed brilliant uncirculated Golden Panda for $480 and the 22mm bezel for $120 before visa debit card fees bringing it to $625. Jacoje if you’re gonna start incorporating jewelry with bullion at least be more transparent with the cost of the bullion at the current market value and also list the total gold content when you have two metals with different carats. Man I can’t pretend to know your overheads or pricing when it comes to your custom jewelry, and I hardly know shit about diamonds. But I know my bullion products, especially coins and bars because I own them for a hedge against inflation and for instances like what the world is going through now. Plus I make own PERSONAL bullion jewelry like the coin/ screw top bezel combo just purchased today as well as pieces I have taken to a jeweler to get permanently set for an extremely reasonable price. Jacoje your prices are so damn high on these coin and bar pieces, I don’t see how you can go start rising the price since gold has been going up when you’re already taxing the hell out of everyone who buys these coin and bar pendants from you. People don’t let him tax you when all he does is go on the same bullion websites you can go to APMEX, JM Bullion, SDBullion. There’s a 1/4 oz gold eagle listed around $500, it’s has 7.776 grams of pure gold in the coin with a total weight of 8.397 grams because it is a 22kt coin Jacojes pendant with the same EXACT coin costs $1300 and has a “total gold weight” of 12.5 grams. When listing total gold weight of a product with two different carats you put the weight of the actual gold. The TOTAL GOLD Weight is 10.169 of Pure Gold.……….12.5-8.397=4.103 of 14kt gold then in the setting/ bezel whatever you call it. So remember because it’s 14kt there is only 2.393 grams of gold ($130.8 value as of today since gold hit $1700!) in the setting. So your saying the setting that has only 2.393 grams of gold (worth $130.8) is worth $800!!!!! I understand getting paid for labor, but when you can buy the exact same coin for $500 and he’s charging $1300 just to take said coin and put it in a setting with barely 2.4g of pure gold in it is absolutely ridiculous. It is such a simple task to mount a coin, he does the same thing with small gold bars from the bullion websites. He sells a pendant with a 5g 24kt gold bar (worth $300) and a 4 gram 14kt frame worth $125 in gold for $750!!!!!!!! When it comes to making an entirely custom piece I cannot pretend to know more about the cost associated with that than him. I barely know anything about stones or how they should be priced. But as someone who has accumulated numerous gold coins and bars over the years I know what I’m talking about, especially when referring to this kind of jewelry. I thinks it’s price gouging what Jacoje is doing on. It’s like paying someone $700 just to assemble a $600 piece of furniture. Charging $700 to set a coin with a simple “Jocoje” engraving on the setting seems a little steep buddy. With bullion jewelry people have a much better understanding of your materials cost SO STOP TAXING SO HARD! I guarantee he does not get some special deal on coins because he is not a bullion dealer, and I’f he is is he obviously isn’t passing the savings down to his clients. Plus man with the price of gold just reaching $1700 your inventory has become so much more valuable!!! Dude I enjoy your videos, but when I checked your prices man I was really disappointed in you man. You have no brick and mortar store, you run your business from home and have built a successful channel/business so you have multiple streams of income but still have higher markups than some luxury boutiques. Where do you order your bullion from buddy 🤔? STOP TAXING SO HARD JOCOJE BEFORE YOU LOOSE CUSTOMERS AND STIFLE THE GROWTH OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!!!

  7. curious why your 1/10 oz 22k coin and Bezel cost more than your 5 gram 24k pamp and Bezel, When the Pamp is almost 2 more grams of gold and 999 pure. Seems like the easy choice. Is it because the Coin bezel takes a much longer time to create?

  8. LMAO Making the almighty jacoje 14kt gold Lion pendants look Horrible in comparison 😅😅😅😅

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