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30 min build an ultimate stock monitor list with Google Finance free with live data in Google Sheets

Suggestions: set the playing speed to 0.75 or 1.25 depends on your prefered speed. Pause the video and press the period key to forward one frame at a time.



  1. When I try to write: =GOOGLEFINANCE(A2,"name") i just get an error message. What is going on?

  2. Man you are amazing, you almost solved most of what I am exactly looking for, an honest bow to your video… cheers mate !!

  3. i have some doubts sir when creating sheet.. can u send your email id. i can share my screenshots to you.

  4. great work Stan… love this but is there a way to get it to work for indexes like sp500 and nasdaq and russell

  5. amazing video no unecessory talking straight to the point learning, you should start a course.

  6. You are a genious. Such an excellent way to explain the entire process. Hats off to you. 🙏

  7. Mind blowing and it looks like magic bro…. Please keep uploading such advance video…. I Subscribed just now. Thanks 🙂

  8. Finaly i made it, it took 1 week :)). Also i have some questions about some querys, how do i get gold price or dowjones index into my chart

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