Bitcoin price prediction

$300K BITCOIN Price Prediction!

In this video, Koroush discusses CitiBank Analyst’s statement that Bitcoin could pass $300K in December 2021, examines the 6M DEFI Loan Attack, gives his …



  1. Even as bitcoin pulls back with indications of reaching $18,000, the path for bitcoin is still very clear with a careful look at the market and I still believe $50,000 is within reach by this time next year. Finally, btc is paying its believers and enthusiasts alike and there is no time as now to plunge fully into having a decent portfolio in bitcoins and a few other alts and tokens. It’s time to accumulate as much as possible and in my experience, the best approach has wrongly been DCA but as a trader (very recently) I have seen how profitable it is to trade after I met Koen Albers and traded with his signals, making over 8 btc in profit in just a couple of weeks. I hope we have more traders like him to guide the increasing number of crypto enthusiasts. For strictly crypto concerned challenges Koen may be contacted via Telrgram (alberskoen) or WhatsAap on (+44 7727 427929). He is one of the best providers of accurate signals I have ever used

  2. R James
    PayPal, Bitcoin and Litecoin event on its way, Thanksgiving 🎂🥂rally could soon be in play.

    ‘Enjoy the highs, gobble up the lows’

    PayPal owned Venmo joins 2021. 400+ million customers in total ..👀

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  5. Thanks very much, one day could you tell us if it's a good idea to just swap alts we are not in profit with for eth or btc – merci buckets !

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