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5.3 Gear Compendium – Ilvl 475-500 and how to get it

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  1. holy crap, there are far far far too many currencies and exchanges. As a new player I don't even feel like unraveling all this crap. Ty for the video I am sure at some point I am going to come back to it and take notes if the complexity doesn't make me skip raiding entirely.

  2. As a returner on this patch, thank you brother you are truly doing the gods work for the community!!

  3. I have the ilvl485 relic with all pentameld for BLM (2 DH + 3SPS) and I'm still doing more damage with my neo Ishgardian with only 2 melds… I wonder if did something wrong or I'm missing something…

  4. Loved the video the info you share is always precise and helpful. I do like the To The Edge song but it really clashes with you talking when it gets to the loud part. Much love from California

  5. So wait, what is currently the highest ilvl and best non-raid gear that one can get? 490/495 upgraded Crystarium?

  6. You already lost me on the Augmented trading this for that and what now? Stupidly over-complicated. And the Idealized what? Where? Huh? How?

  7. I have so many resources saved since I can't decide a job to main, it was gonna be whm, then blm, then brd, then paladin, then ninja and now dancer, will this be the real one? I really want to find it and start focusing in some endgame on the duty finder since I got no friends 😀

  8. 485relic penta meld vs 490 crystarium weapon? Im not a savage raider player so i doubt ill get my crystarium weapon upgraded . Im casual but id like to put updates gear on other classes. Just wondering if spending poetics for those base shb relic is decent enough than using allegory for crystarium weapons. That way, i can use my allegory to buy gear for my other jobs.

    Edit- just realized augmented neo ishgardian is 490 too but i might need the phantasmagoria times to craft stuff

  9. The golden blades of antiquity still have a weekly limit, though you only need 4 now instead of 7.

  10. For weapons, does the item's damage matter more than it's ilvl or vice versa? For example the ilvl 440 Ronkan Blade has a higher physical damage stat compared to the ilvl 480 Neo-Ishgardian Blade.

  11. Very informative video as usual. I just came back to the game after a 5 months break and feel quite lost about how to hear up.

  12. I already knew how weak the Youtube community of FFXIV was, but watching this guy that incoherently mumbles in his poor attempt to "explain" stuff, being the number one FFXIV Youtuber at explaining stuff, just makes me sad. Might be a great video if you already know what he is talking about, but if you are new it really feels like you are talking to a 3rd Grade kid, that tries to learn how to form long sentences and instead he repeats himself, wastes time, jumps from one concept to another, and just creating a mess all around

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