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African Trapdoor Spider

In today’s highlight, Graham Adam introduces us to the African Trapdoor Spider and tells us what makes these creatures so unusual. Spiders filmed at Nambiti …



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  2. @2:44 him : you can already see some of the babies leave the nest on their way to start a new journey

    Me: no you lead them out when you opened their nest. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  3. If the babies, ON THEIR OWN, dig their own hole to leave the nest then that's fine. They ARE NOT ready when this moron leaves it open. Doesn't make sense…

  4. I`m afraid jf there would be a Aliens that`ll behave like humans and just brakes in our houses watch how we sleep, record us while we are naked, having sex, eating, bathing, or even touch us somewhere we don`t like. And we could`t do anything cuz for them we will be just a interesting creatures.

    What if they already watching us? And we dont know it, just be cause they don`t want to interrupt our lives to have a clear, calm observing proses. Spiders don`t know that they were filmed. Why we should?

  5. At least it’s not the brown recluse which it’s bite has a flesh rot infection (known as MRSA) which literally rots the flesh and skin

  6. I feel so bad

    I have a model strip mine in my back yard and I was expanding it and found a trapdoor spider while digging

    I accidentally trashed its home

    I feel so bad I didn’t realize until I saw the spider

    I didn’t hurt it
    I got it in a jar took a photo and let it go in my backyard

    I really hope it could make a new home

  7. Look how expertly made that tunnel is. It's like workmen have dug it out and built it with concrete and smoothed it off. What an amazing creature.

    yea I don't know why people are not scared of spider they have 8 legs and like 20.00 eyes at the last I saw one in my bed you think I'm gonna sleep in this nope I'm moving to Japan

  9. Graham: 1:20 So what we're looking at here is the hole of what we call a trapdoor spider. That's a member of the tarantula family.
    Me who has been binge watching spider videos for the past two hours: Nope. Trapdoor spiders and tarantulas are in different families. They are in the same infraorder Mygalomorphae though.

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