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Alert: New Low Mintage Coin Series from the Royal Mint in Gold Captain Cook

Alert: Is this a coin of interest? A New Low Mintage Coin Series …



  1. The Royal Mint has been making bi-metallic £2 coins since 1998. The £2 gold coin has a lovely subtle distinction between its outer red gold ring contrasted with its yellow gold central core. Its beauty can be best appreciated when viewed up close & in hand.

  2. Thanks for all of the great info, LL! I shied away from the RCM Captain Cook release over quality concerns from RCM and will do the same with this one. I realize gold has no spotting issues but am hesitant nonetheless. Plus, I’m too cheap to take a flier on a coin that may or may not end up being sought after a few years down the road. Thanks again, my friend!!

  3. I feel  the gold proof is a beauty- that combination of red and yellow gold is stunningly beautiful—The collectors box available is obviously going to be very extremely rare and unique One can only imagine  what the 2019 and 2020 designs will portray –

  4. I'm a BIG fan of bi metallic gold silver coins, the problem of the fist coin is that the rim is just plated. The only bi metallic gold coin I got is the 10 francs Montesquieu from france, the center is white gold and the rim is yellow gold.

  5. The low vintages on these are very nice indeed but they are a little bit pricey. Still and awesome alert for anyone looking to pick these up. Thanks For sharing brother.

  6. They are beautiful. However, the silver version really isn't bimetallic, it's just an outer ring of selective gold plating, which would've worked better if they applied it to various elements. Like you, I like the gold version better. Thanks for sharing LL!!

  7. I will send you a £2 coin for actual size guidance if you want bud. But I won't be buying these. I don't see the return in the UK.

  8. LOL, years from now when they ask me "what were you doing when the President met with the leader of N. Korea?" I'll answer, "I was watching a Losing Louie video about a gold coin from the Royal Mint, featuring Captain Cook!"

  9. I actually like the bi-metallics but I am with you in that the gold would be the best bet here.
    I know that Cook was the first to sail around New Zealand and map an ton of shorelines including Hawai'i. He also got killed while trying to kidnap a Hawaiian chief in order to get back stolen items. Thanks for sharing!!

  10. I agree a little cautious of this mint not a fan of bi metallic coins thanks for the video always informative

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