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Alt-coin Traders vs Bitcoin HODL

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  1. I am ashamed that i have $200 doge which i bought at $0.17 please crypto god SMINEM forgive me i promise i would sell that sh*t at $0.44 and never look back again on doge 🐕

  2. The real undervalued coin is digibyte. Outperforms every top coin, is the fastest and longest UTXO blockchain and a lot more, and is in position 90. Thats what you call an undervalued asset 🙂

  3. Lmao. It was a shit coin that gave me enough profit to fully buy my first electric car.
    Is like a casino. Sometimes it pays off

  4. You can do both, you know. Riding the wave on shitcoins gets you more capital for your stablecoins. I got 80K off of SHIB when it hit its ATH, and I only put in $300

    Just don't HODL shitcoins and you're good.

  5. Hahah "checking 2 days later" is impossible. We are crypto addicts. We see every cent drop and rise!

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