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Alternate Reality Meets the Metaverse: Maciej Szafarczyk, COO of Hololoot | The Enjin Room Podcast

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In this episode of The Enjin Room, Enjin COO Caleb Applegate speaks with Hololoot Founder & COO Maciej Szafarczyk. Hololoot is an augmented reality (AR) NFT generator, marketplace, and metaverse platform that combines automated 3D modeling with NFTs in a powerful mobile app.

00:00 Intro
02:09 Maciej’s background and getting into crypto
07:57 What is Hololoot?
12:20 How Hololoot is blending the digital and the physical
16:19 The industries that will be heavily impacted by AR
19:22 Why Hololoot has chosen to build with Efinity
21:45 What the metaverse means to Maciej
27:03 NFTs as a decentralizing force in the creative world
31:40 Upcoming plans for Hololoot
36:39 Maciej’s future vision of Web3.0 and the Metaverse

Follow along with Hololoot:

The Enjin Room is hosted by Enjin COO Caleb Applegate. Caleb oversees Enjin’s company operations, procedures, business development, and strategic planning. As a successful entrepreneur and established business leader, Caleb has consulted and worked closely with leaders in the gaming, entertainment, and digital spaces. He is former COO and owner of Mineplex, one of the world’s largest Minecraft gaming servers. Follow Caleb on Twitter:

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