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American Gold Buffalo 1 oz Coin – Proof vs BU

This video takes a closer look at the 1oz American Gold Buffalo Coin and compares a Proof coin to standard BU (Brilliant Uncirculated) coins. “Should I buy a …



  1. This is like the first vid I've seen of yours without the fancy into- was like 😳 whhaaatttt?!?! Then saw it's like a yr old 😛

  2. I’m just wondering when the “woke culture idiots” are going to pressure the mint to quit producing a coin with an American Indian on one side. Maybe they’ll say that the Buffalo/bison on the reverse side is offensive also because they were once close to extinction. They’ve attacked everything else…

  3. When handling the buffalo coin, how careful do you have to be to avoid deforming the coin since its pure gold? Any tips on proper handling?

  4. It is worth noting the Indian and black diamond are less shiny on the proof but the rim ofc is shiner so it’s kinda a overall good shine versus high and low shine contrast

  5. Please do an update video on proof coins and your personal opinion on these. I’m sure many of us would like another one. Thanks again.

  6. The Buffalo coin is the Washington Redskins logo on one side and the Buffalo Bills logo on the other side lol 😆😂

  7. Why the "F" under the date? I thought Filly was spelled with a "Ph". Just kidding, obviously it's a West Point but why the "F"?

  8. Fellow YouTuber enthusiast. 11 month old video to the previous. Short time to just up in quality of video. Great job.


  9. I collect bullion coins in MS70 NGC slabs. 1 Oz of gold is trading at $1,800 at the moment. This particular NGC 70 buffalo coin is up on eBay for $2,100 plus taxes. Should I buy it? I collect coins as a hobby not really as an investment so I was wondering what is your opinion

  10. …I know it’s an older video, but you startled me with those black gloves. I thought Florida Stacker infiltrated your home studio. 😉

  11. If the one I want to buy and comes with the certifate and the box and costs like $100 more should I buy it’s 2006

  12. Regarding 3:17, in regards to gold bullion content, the gold proof buffalo has exactly the same amount of gold as the gold bullion buffalo. In regards to the 2019-W gold proof buffalo as shown, their mintage of 14,844 is fewer than the 2019 gold bullion buffaloes which have a mintage of 61,500. The gold proof buffaloes are distinguished by their W mint mark located beneath the Indian's feathers. The gold proof buffaloes as well as the gold bullion buffaloes are all minted at the West Point Mint in New York.

  13. Forgive me but, i have a another question for you from a potential newbie. Can you do a vid on the subject of “do we need to check if it’s real gold once purchased?” Thank you from Montreal!

  14. I began collecting proof ASEs (Ag) in 2003, but needed to sell them to buy food last year. Yup got into the situation where I ran out of money, two mistakes made early;. Although I am primarily stacking, I do like the Geiger bars and silver shipwreck series. I also just get my quarterly shipment which included that 1/10 Maple Leaf (AU).

  15. Proof Coins usually have a much lower mintage. Also, they are considered collectible, which might help you during a government confiscation of Gold.

  16. What are your thoughts on Proof Regan Legacy Series.Hand signed by Michaeal Regan thier less numbers but more valuable???

  17. I only own one single 1 oz Gold Buffalo coin and it happens to be a proof version! I'm so glad i purchased it when the price of gold per ounce wasn't that high!

  18. I can’t remember seeing an AGB proof out of a capsule or slab and I’ve always shrugged them off. Seeing one without the protection of plastic really shows it off. I can see what the fuss is about now. Good advice on proofs. I have some eagle proofs, only because they were a deal and a little cheaper than the non proofs at the time.

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