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Andreas Ruf – New Possibilities With Gold Tokens Backed By The Perth Mint

SBTV speaks with Andreas Ruf, CEO of InfiniGold, about the new possibilities The Perth Mint Gold Tokens (PMGT) will bring to the gold market and how PMGT …




  2. In my view, this guest is either a flat-out fool, or a scam artist. His concept is a complete waste of my attention . . .

  3. We all need to understand that FRN's are not your money. Never were. Federal Reserve Notes are I.O.U.'s that belong to the Federal Reserve. They are private script, just like when you (might) give someone an I.O.U.

    They are responsible for paying it, but with what?

    They haven't used actual money since 1933.

    They've just passed debts around "as" money, and passed off their debts as your debts, as the "presumed" co-signers purportedly backing it.

    They've inflated this currency 98% and this whole past month, they poured another trillion "dollars" of debt into the stock market, to prop it up at "your" expense.

    This serves to further in-debt your family and bail out the corporations and banks at your expense. It also devalues whatever serves as currency yet some more, which shows up as inflation of prices at the gas pump and food stores and everywhere else.

    We've seen close to a 30% price increase for many food items here in Florida in the past three months alone. Nobody is talking about it, but, if you are paying attention or living on a limited income, you are feeling it and your discretionary income is evaporating. Worse, the value of any savings or retirement you have is evaporating, too.

    Their excuse for propping up the stock market at your expense is that they have invested heavily in all these corporations "for" you, using your money. So now they are throwing more of your money at these corporations and at the stock market, also "for" you, when in fact those stocks are grossly overvalued already and the money markets and pension funds — which they also invested in "for" you — are based on "derivatives" and phony electronic titles and so-called "mortgage backed securities"—which are also bogus.

    We have, unknown to us, been living in the Land of Oz for almost a century.

    So, here's the picture: we are the actual, factual primary creditors of these banks, but they are pretending that we and all our earthly assets are instead "donated collateral" backing their debts in a commonwealth (communist) system of government that is in fact foreign to us.

    The Land of Oz.

    The truth is easy to ascertain. We have literally millions of Witnesses. Nobody outside the environs of Washington, DC, was ever told what was going on. Not only were we not told a word about any of this, we were deliberately misled and lied to and coerced under color of law. By our own employees.

    To make things more interesting, the criminals in back of all this fraud and racketeering, sought bankruptcy protection in 2009, and as a result, in 2011, all the "Federal Reserve Notes" became utterly worthless, backed by nothing at all but the good faith of Congress — the same rogues that created the situation in the first place.

    Please bear in mind that Federal Reserve Notes are NOT "United States Dollars" nor "United States Notes", either. You must pay attention — close attention — to what you are holding in your hands. And in your bank accounts.

    So, there you are, misidentified as a Municipal "citizen of the United States", on the hook as the "presumed" co-signer for all these debts, and according to them, all your assets should be forfeit to their creditors, most especially, the Communist Chinese.

    Enter two factions of the "US" military and a Wild Card —- one faction, the Municipal DOD, is happy to see America overrun and sacked for debts it doesn't owe, because the alternative is paying their own debts. They and their endlessly criminal US NAVY are on our backs, as if it were our fault that their Roman Government is led by criminals and schmucks.

    The Territorial Department of Defense is stuck in the middle, having a contract and obligation to defend us. That's the second military faction.

    And then, there's the Wild Card. This is basically one man, who they shafted many times too often. He has, all by himself, locked down the hard asset accounts of the world and nothing that they can do is of any avail.

    There they are, wiggling like dying bugs, or vampires, an encrypted computer program straight through their hearts, trying to convince us after all that has gone on, that digital "currency" is the way to go.

    If it were, they wouldn't be in the position they are in, would they? Held captive by a single computer geek.

    Digital currency is just more fiat-on-speed, having even less connection with reality. We would be better off conducting business using plastic clothes pins as tokens. At least such objects have actual substance and a practical use.

  4. I dont see any billionaires commenting here, just the usual suspects worried about the future

  5. interesting interview, I think this token looks interesting being backed by the Perth Mint, I get many like to hold gold but the risk is high and so are the costs of buying, storing and selling gold are too great. Some investors will always like physical gold and there is no changing that but this seems to be a better solution, which you can sell at almost spot price when you want without the hassle.

  6. I’ve been using GoldPass. It’s excellent… Why the hell would you want to hold your own, worry about storage and safety etc.

    Also getting physical gold is a nightmare for me. Living in western Queensland, the cost of going and getting it or freight and insurance etc is ridiculous.

    For me GoldPass solves a lot of problems.

    At the moment the app is basic but I hear it’s being improved soon.

    😂I love many of the comments here… it’s so clear they haven’t even gone and had a look at the website…🤷‍♂️

  7. I just don't trust any country that outlaws the possession of guns. Hitler tried that, and it didn't work out so well.

  8. No thanks. I'll store my own physical gold, and I don't charge for storage either. (except for the cost of my ammunition) 🤣😂😆😁😀🤔

  9. Sounded good till I read I.D.!🙄 I can still manage to buy gold and silver with bitcoin and without I.D. so far🙄🤪

  10. Concordia's "Libra" will desolve ALL other crypto & fiat currencies. This looks like a good way to cash out of crypto. Only if you take possession of the physical gold. Do your research!!!

  11. So convoluted. Adding middle men only makes me more suspicious. Not 100% backed for weight? I'm out. LODE is so much better. 100% physically backed by silver. Each AGX coin is 1 gram of silver. They place all your silver in a segregated bin vaulted with SWI. You can even use it as payment if the vendor has an account. Want to visit your silver? Just schedule a visit. Honestly, I got so tired of storing silver bars that LODE is saving me all the trouble without costs or fees. You can even invest in the company by purchasing LODE coins. They're like dividend stocks that pay out in silver grams, which they add to your bin every 50 days.

  12. It's good to get into this, but having a sustainable development of land should be the first priority, after all G/S is worthless when the hoards are Hungary! " I see what's coming, do you "…

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