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Arkarus Beta Tester Campaign – Review #crypto #nft #cryptocurrency

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AKS TOKEN – NFT #crypto #cryptoyuhanis

To promote the Arkarus project through Influencers
Gather any bugs or game errors that the team may have missed by receiving a report from the Beta Tester.
Publicize the game’s information and the special value of the Public Presale’s box
Guidelines on how to play, as well as calculations on how to effectively beat each stage of the game
Emphasizing about Arkarus announcement in Social media FB,Twitter,TG,Discord
And Now we have Open Recruit beta tester Campaign
Publicize the final Public Presale, a limited-time offer at Feb 21 ,AMA English at Feb 19 and Officially Launch game at Feb 28

All Beta Testers are strictly prohibited from sharing Test Server links with unrelated individuals.
All Influencers should publish the content on the agreed-upon date and time.
If you discover a bug or an error in the Test Server, please notify the team right away.
Emphasizing that what the viewer sees, whether the UI, animation, or if something goes wrong, will only occur during beta testing. The finished game will flow more smoothly and more polished.

How To
Join Arkarus Beta Tester Discord Server –
Wait for the Server role to be assigned.
To access the test server, click the link in the How-To section.
The test server’s resources and graphic materials can be used to create content ( prohibited from sharing any resources with unrelated individuals)
*It will take some time to load the game for the first time in Beta Test. The game will be optimized to load 10 times faster when it is released.
*If you have any further questions, please contact us. You can reach out to the team

Basic Beta Test Game Info
The beta test will set up two main functions to the test.
Operation Mode – Defeat the monsters on each planet to earn Credits, which can then be exchanged for AKS coins.
Gacha – Use credit to open chests and unlock robots to play the game.
The Whitepaper contains the essential information.



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