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ArmA 3 Helicopter Landings Guide 101 ► Mastering the Hummingbird in King of the Hill!

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Hey guys! I’ve still been getting some requests to cover landings in Arma 3 in more detail, so I decided to put this video together, with a specific focus on the King of the Hill (KOTH) gamemode.

Far too often I load up a game of KOTH and I find absolute piloting chaos going on…so…it still seems there is a large demographic out there in need of some flying lessons!

This video will hopefully provide you with everything you need to know to land a helicopter in Arma 3!

This is the first section of this KOTH helicopter flight guide. In the next episode, we’ll be covering the AH-9 Pawnee (in a bit closer detail than the last gunship guide I did).

This took a VERY long time to put together…there were a LOT of bloopers, me screwing up on the commentary, and just editing in little details you might not initially notice, so it’s more entertaining to watch/learn from.

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Timestamps Below:

Keybindings: 2:13
Why you should learn in first person only: 3:36
Breakdown of a perfect landing: 6:01
AO Landings = Win Big or Lose Everything: 7:24
Tips on approaching the AO for landing: 8:13
Somewhere in the Crimean Border… 8:44
Toxicity in KOTH: 11:10
How to handle toxicity in KOTH: 12:34
Knowing if you’re fit to fly in multiplayer: 13:02
Believe in yourself, try try again: 13:48
We all fail: 14:04
How to practice all of this in the editor: 14:45
1. Practice still stops after speed: 14:55
2. Practise emergency landings: 15:29
3. Practise impromptu “J-Hook” landings: 15:55
Other Important Links:

My Mouse Settings and Raw Keybindings/Controls:

Autorotation Arma 3 Practise Missions to learn with:

ARMA FOV Changer:


Dslyecxi’s Channel + Art of Flight series:

Misconduct’s Channel:

104th_Maverick’s Channel:

Arma 3 King of the Hill social media channels:

An outdated (but still handy nonetheless) guide to King of the Hill:
P.S. Don’t forget to watch in 1440p 60FPS! (if your internet can handle it) It takes ages to render with this resolution and framerate but I think the viewing experience makes it worth it 🙂
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more information!

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