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Avalanche: Critical to own? $AVAX worth it? Detailed study w Price Predictions thru 2030
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The opinions expressed in the video are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide education about the financial industry.

0:00 IA Token Valuation Process

0:30 What it Does
Avalanche is a smart contracts platform that utilizes a direct acyclic graph (DAG) in its protocol for consensus
DAG allows Avalanche to reach an estimated 4,500 tps with under 3 second transaction settlement
Avalanche is aiming to solve for the blockchain trilemma of being extremely fast and highly scalable while maintaining decentralization and being highly security

1:00 Background

Founder CEO: Emin Gun Sirer
Cornell professor of computer science of over 20 years specializing in distributed networks
Wrote a Bitcoin precursor and early Bitcoin contributor
Founded Ava Labs and raised $42M to research Avalanche
Create the first major breakthrough in decentralized systems since Satoshi first released Bitcoin

1:35 Ranking & How it Plays
Plays in the smart-contracts platform space along with… The Closest lookalikes would be ALGO DOT SOL and maybe even ADA one day

2:00 Industry Disruption

2:48 Value Proposition
Avalanche uniqueness is its consensus mechanism aka DAG system

3:48 Value Proposition Polkadot vs Cosmos vs Avalanche

5:00 Technology & Developers
The consensus technology behind Avalanche takes quite a different approach to blockchains. DAG vs Traditional

6:00 Tokenomics
AVAX is Proof-of-Stake with a fixed supply

50% of the supply to be unlocked as staking rewards

Initial supply is only 50% of the total supply shown here.
Breakdown of initial supply as follows:
~61% team, foundation, partners, seed, private.
~39% public, community, airdrop.

7:00 Tokenomics – They Say Deflationary but Not!
It is deflatinary – which I like. But is it really? We shall take a look when it comes to pricing

7:20 Tokenomics
AVAX also has an emission rate from token vesting
Much of the Foundation and Team tokens have yet to vest

7:40 Ecosystem
Ava Eth Bridge – AEB is operated by trusted parties under a multi-sig scheme. The way this bridge works is quite simple; users wanting to transfer tokens from one chain to another send tokens to a contract in the initiating chain, which locks in the tokens. Then an equivalent amount of tokens gets minted on the destination chain.

8:30 Growth & Longevity

9:05 Risks
Yet another “Ethereum Killer” – Avalanche is playing in the crowded space of decentralized smart-contracts platforms that seek to displace Ethereum. Lots of competition w/ unique tech and backers e.g. Cardano, Solana, Polkadot, etc.

10:15 Price History

10:59 Price Stats
Key items here 2BN mkt cap, 24% supply circulating – 4x this to come, dominance 0.15% rank #46

11:30 Analysts Price Prediction
Trading Beasts
Digital Coin
Long Forecast

12:30 IA Estimate of Token Supply
250 375 400 475 550 575
22bn 275 Dollars – 100K = 1.5T – avax 2x move

12:44 IA Price Prediction
Note the weakness in 2023 – 2027 due to the doubling of token supply. Also, note delta with analysts we were very close in 23 and 24 but way off in 25-26 – Moon Boys For example wallet investor has 143 in the year 2026

14:53 Conclusion
Avalanche is an ambitious project looking with tons of use cases and adoption
It has a unique consensus protocol
It’s estimated to reach a 4,500 tps with under 3-second settlement while still being decentralized and maintaining POS security
Less than a year of existence, it has expanded rapidly in terms of projects being built on the platform
It’s a high-risk play, it faces heavy competition in the “Ethereum Killers” space, and some aspects of the project are unproven
Price is attractive /

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