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Banks Ban The Perth Mint

PerthMint #Gold #HeiseSays Banks have blacklisted the Perth Mint. Featuring special guest, Edward. Become a HeiseSays Member …



  1. LOL It's take your child to work day! Love it. Probably what they do in NG. The little boy was just watching. Learning.

  2. Take a look at a map of PNG and you will see the issue. There are literally 5 roads, mostly along the coastline and the highlands highway through the middle. Unfortunately, this is one of a very limited amount of cash crops a smallholder farmer/producer can take to market without the product spoiling. They accept 20% below the market rate and someone along the way has to 'clean' the gold up so it can get into a mint… Now the LBMA wants to cancel their biggest customer, the game is rigged!

  3. This is just onethr example of manupalating the gold and silver prices around the world..!!!..Banks don't give a crap about people….!!..Profit is the only thing they care about…..!!

  4. This seems vary suspicious, coming at a time of high demand on gold and silver. The US look like they are going to protect there dollar at the cost of Western Australia. This will effect the entire Australian economy since AUD has a correlation between it and gold. To be honest, I would be careful holdingf US currency or bonds they seem to be getting desperate.

  5. The PNG "rascals" in high places will get on well with the bribes of their crim CCP mates – they speak the same language. China will get the OK to build a military base to protect their new gold resource to back the rise of the Yuan. It's an obvious Belt n Road chess move.

  6. I just realised… In Australia you can claim tax relief if your CHILDREN work for you. No child labour laws against a child working with or for their parents… No age limit either.

  7. JPMorgan that just got fined 2billion for fraud? HSBC that got caught cleaning cartels money? Jail those crooks and their 'reputations'

  8. They want to discredit the enterprise to have an excuse to take them over. The people won’t have a mean to earn a living and will put methods harmful to nature and people since there won’t be someone to hold the accountable.

  9. Heise Says: I'm writing from Arizona in the United States and found your channel by accident. Looks like the manipulated "War on Cash" is happening to your country as well. First they ban coins, then physical cash transactions before a bail in at the banks. The value of gold and silver "skyrocket" as a result. They don't want citizens to own them. Very predictable. It's a financial reset to a digital currency. The United Nations under Agenda 2030 wants a one world government with one currency for all. This is the same organization that created the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. There's a connection between their New Green Deal (also called Agenda 21 to mean that it starts in 2021) to tie together climate change in an alarming way with technocracy. You have to crash the world economies first with a planned pandemic to set it all off. What's funny is that the U.N. are very transparent about their intentions, including the Rockerfeller Institute.

  10. Ha ha ha ha ha just saw this. So much for their blackban… Ha ha ha ha ha. Perth mint still can't keep up with demand…

  11. j P Morgan and HSBC will just buy it directly from PNG and refine it themselves, cutting the middle man out

  12. Did Whitlam do the right thing by them in granting independence without a referendum? Many in Papua wanted to stick with Australia.

  13. As if they care about PNG population … West Papua population never had a chance against the largest copper gold by US miner Freeport keeping it under Indo rule

  14. Apparently banks are shaking out weak physical holders, and changing minds of individual buyers.
    Then they will everything on the low, then put out a news release that touching gold makes one immortal.

  15. Let's see. Family in PNG needs money. By the charts they could export oil, lumber, nope. Dig through mud and get gold to sell. Done deal. HSBC and JPM can go press their ties and have their shirts dry cleaned

  16. Gold will destroy the Banks, hold fast and support the Perth Mint. It is the banks that are collapsing not the gold refineries. This is a play of the banks trying to hold onto their power over nations.

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