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BEST Bitcoin News in Months (Top Reason Bull Run Continues 2021)

In today’s video, we will discuss the Bitcoin Price, Ethereum Price, and other top altcoin and crypto news. Will Bitcoin & Ethereum be the next Google or Amazon …



  1. VGX is the best token investment right now. They are a publicly traded company that has hundreds of millions in income. Let’s go!!!

  2. Exactly!! Losers are all over this channel just throwing shade on a guy who is trying to be genuine. Ben…I got your back in one video and threw it right back at all the haters. Make your own decisions. This one guy can't dictate everyone's moves. He just reports what he finds out. Whatever though…the haters are still racking up views

  3. I have a question, I participated in the oiler bootstrapping staking program, and when I did I checked the contract and only 260 transactions on that contract. Now I am wondering is this project being missed by everyone or is it vaporware or what? I researched it and the white paper explains the idea of what they want to do but I do not understand how they plan to do it from reading it. Can you guys look at this and explain it? How will they make a option for the network? A gas contract which essentially creates a gas token? Explain please!

  4. FEG is the way!! Wrapping and staking for passive income. A superior project with great potential. Buy this and sit back and enjoy!!! FEG rocks!!!

  5. All the people in the chat that were typing "paper hands" are just showing their stupidity. Their going to hodl their coins till they die. Never taking any profits. 😂😂😂

  6. to be fair theres no point in taking profits in short term when youre only making like $50… when people dont have the money to buy hundreds of thousands worth in coin, wtf do you expect them to do? so fuck you ben…

  7. Have u Heard about HyperMeteor guys? This coin is on bsc. Really low market cap with a lot of space to growth. Also they are releasing mobile game this week 💎🔥

  8. Do you think with hundreds of thousands of crypto junkies now having better access to Tech analysis is impacting market trends? I mean, philisophically, if everyone used the same data wouldn't the market just keep going sideways ? Just a curious question. Keep up the his work Ben, you've never made guarantees and have taught many of us so much!

  9. why do the other guy means "the price of XRP can still pump" ? What other similar thenologies to ripple has more than 300 central banks as partners? Do you guys even know what you are talking about?

  10. This guy is a complete clown. The snake oil is trying to chase "shit coins" and guess what is going to happen next. That is quite risky. If you like BTC and believe in it–buy it and hold it. Trying to guess what is going to happen–is a fools errand. Nothing wrong with buying the dips, but to chase this stuff will drive you nuts and might costs you dearly. I have listened to many of these clowns and the truth is that no on knows much of anything. They compulsively post videos with catchy titles as click bait—it a job to them. If you like the BTC concept, buy it. Hold it. Ignore these clowns.

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