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Best Yield Farm Passive Income Strategy

In this video i go over my personal yield farming strategy for both bsc and matic network, i go over different aspects of the yield farms and share what you should …



  1. Thank you for the amazing surprise that you sent me for my birthday 6BTC IN MY BINANCE IS ALOT OF MONEY iDEBTSOFF on instagram

  2. Hi , what your thoughts about Koala defi ?
    I mean for staking some tokens
    It has been audited by cetrik
    Moreover if we stake some tokens
    They can steal them ?

  3. Harmony one is the sheapest blockchain but they are just in the begining they have also yield farming

  4. nice video i have deposit some matic from binance to matic metamask address so are they lost or i can still recover them ?

  5. Excellent video! Take a look at HEX! although everyone says it is scam .. nobody can prove it and they end up entering HEX … "I am one of them"

  6. AscendEX supports native Matic network so better to send Matic from AscendEX to Metamask than going through the hassle of converting Matic Erc20 to Matic network.

  7. Nice video about yieldfarms … Can you suggest some good yieldfarms for stablecoins with good apy

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