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0:00 Today in Bitcoin 0:51 Bitcoin Analysis LOL 1:20 El Salvador Bill 4:10 The Bill 7:52 Game Changer 11:00 The Challenges BINANCE BEST EXCHANGE …



  1. Kraken is terrible in the US. You can only move crypto into Kraken to buy crypto or you have to pay for a wire transfer. Sad that a US based company cant take CC or ACH.

  2. Honestly Lark, you're so full of shit and delusional speech in this video, accepting and implementing bitcoin is not the same as taken control of your own currency.
    And as long as criminal crypto exchanges and whales (early hodlers) continue to hold large quantities of bitcoin and routinely and financially engineer new dips.
    Cryptotokens will never go mainstream, or do you expect the local baker to hold his satosh during 'random' dips, bitcoin is not stable and probably will never be a proper currency, only a speculative asset to be held, crypto in general has two problems, CEX'es and Whales, and these must be eliminated.

  3. Hey! Nice video 👍. I’m actually looking for the best way to start investment and make good profit in it,can someone tell me how to go about it?

  4. South/Latin America: btc
    Africa: ada
    Europe, probably Estonia one of the first to adopt crypto
    South East Asia, will have something for sure as well, their own version maybe
    Central Asia follows the rest, somehow
    US keeps USD ?

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