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Binance CEO Brian Brooks on Evolution of Currency: Brian Brooks, CEO, Binance.US sits down with Bloomberg TV’s Romaine Bostick at the Bloomberg …



  1. Scam artists are holding all my savings, just like so many others right now, Boycott Binance at all costs

  2. The only reason you don't have more than 30% drop in the dow and others is because they shut it down and regular people lose all of their money.

  3. No, my personal opinion I do not want full government surveillance. So much energy/manhours wasted by government.

  4. Rightly said – Don't focus on technical analysis of price movement of cryptos. First understand what is the function of underlying technology.

  5. You people in the media really suck. You're always negative and supporting the control system. Fiat currency is where the criminal fraud is!!!! Get a grip and be more honest. The Media "IS" the enemy – constantly manipulating the perception of people.

  6. If defi is really going to challenge TradFi projects like @PetroSwap is essential step forward. Bringing fuel market derivatives to defi is a huge milestone

  7. Okay so he thinks the govt shouldnt have full information on every dollar you spend. I agree.
    Buy Monero, solved.

  8. The rich see's economy crisis as a garage sale, that's why investing right now will be the best decision

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