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Binance CEO Releases New Info! Safemoon In Trouble?! (Price Prediction & Updates)

Binance CEO Talks Safemoon & Listing Process! (Price Prediction & Updates) Crypto Telegram Link: The telegram group chats …



  1. Safemoon and Baby Dogecoin to the moon guys !!! This is serious, specially now the market is heading back up.. Those 2 coins will make you moneyyyyyy !!!!! Who else is excited ???

  2. Fooling people is not a good idea. Thanks god I have just bought 100k of ATFinance AT and I will hold and I am sure without videos within a year only gonna hit millions

  3. Mrs Hannah is legit and her method works like wizardry, I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

  4. Pleaseeee Look at the new project available on BSC @/stimmy or $STIMMY or "STIMMY PROTOCOL" on the Twitter project it's worth looking at. It is a cryptocurrency project run entirely by its community. Our objective is to revolutionize the economy by helping our investors achieve financial freedom. it will have another token with a low cap called BANK which can generate a passive income STIMMY + BANK = CHECK . The price still really low and its 5 days old project.

  5. I have always wanted to invest in Bitcoin,but I'm very inexperienced.i even watched some video yet difficult to understand.i'm so much interest and in need of an expert.

  6. Guys please Research for the #creampye Token, if you love safemoon you will love this Token and I Really believe it will reach at least what safemoon reached!!

  7. I really believe in the end this is what will help safemoon to be in the top 5 Coins.. Because people have to change from binance to safemoon exchange..

  8. Love the video, you have to check out Smegmars as well, Crypto Messiah who made $60 million off Shiba Inu, is a big investor of the coin! Please look into it for its tokenomics and the awesome community!

  9. Binance wants to stay in control as a main exchange because they are threatened by safemoon. 💎🙌

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