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    Intro 00:00
    This Bitcoin dip was necessary and normal 00:35
    Bitcoin daily comparison to 2017 bull market vs. now 1:50
    $100k BTC target 4:15
    Bullish or bearish confirmation is going to happen soon 5:00
    Cardano news is macro bullish 6:40
    ADA to steal ETH market share 7:45
    Look at this Ethereum move in 2017 9:00
    Bullish pattern on Cardano 9:50
    $2.50 target for ADA price 11:00
    Cardano resistance is strong 11:40
    What if Cardano dips? 12:50

  2. Thank you for all your content. Can you kindly share with me your Fibinacci and resistance tool on trading view? I can't seem to find it anywhere or is that something custom you set up? Thank you in advance.

  3. Yeah we now have what looks to bear a bearish wedge so be careful everyone. Like he just said we have a chance of breaking soon but probability is down, fundamentals say up. Who knows, this pattern is sketch.

  4. I got in on the dip investing for the first time myself into cryptos. Your videos were an excellent intro for a beginner like myself. Thank you so much and keep doing what you are doing, don't let the haters put you down. They hate because they see how you challenge the average Analyst by remaining to stay yourself. You're gonna help me get rich while sleeping. I appreciate you and so should more.

  5. BTC dropped to drop Ethereum bull price and go on a run of its own. No one dethrones the king 👑

  6. I am not sure how you don't notice it but the current BTC pattern looks exactly like the pattern that started in 2019-2020. It has the same rounded top

  7. Bitcoin and Litecoin reward halving supply shock accelerating even faster down the track ….🌤….⛱

    2012 and 2016 halvings preceded the exponential 2013 and 2017 surges!

  8. What is that curved line? It seems Bitcoin bounced off that the entire last bull run and just did the same. In hindsight it almost seems expected at some point after the massive pump we just had

  9. Great content buddy, well in my view, when it comes to the mother of all coins < B TC >, B!tcoin is getting interesting every day by day. Alt, Xrp, Link are still lucrative in the market. In this case, the Majority are finding it difficult on which coin to HODL better. Right now bitcoin it's in the greatest shape and we are all expecting more of it, I'm currently a HODler but still, I'm using a working system that provides me 80% correct signal which helps me increases my portfolio, now I bother less about the speculation of the market." I'm still winning by applying the same method in every trad e, you can also become a winner today, I think crypto is going to get more importance and acknowledgment in the future.

  10. I turned $700 into $6000 just in one week with the aid and guidance of Brenda I have been receiving good signal's from global service thank you!

  11. Remember DOTMOOVS – Sport and Blockchain combined its going to be EPIC – launched on UNISWAP today and Luis Figo is onboard already – They will be making an announcement very soon, and it is very very big news. One of the biggest football players in the world will be an ambassador for them, and the rumor says it could be Cristiano Ronaldo:-) it will pump the next weeks no matter what, still at a very low price, get in as fast as possible, remember DYOR. Do not go all in..

  12. Which i study and know ADA earlier.only have 6k ADA now, its so far doing the best performance in my crypto portfolio

  13. Great TA and perspectives! I’ve been crushing this dip with your TA and tips…
    I see a drop from the head and shoulders to 34-36k for BTC BEFORE going up into 50k range.
    Community thoughts?

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