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  1. Pretty bloody happy I found your channel mate. Only been in crypto since late feb & made a few informed buys & got really lucky on some others so blessed I guess because I’m still well in the green after the flash crash. Would have to rate you as in the 3 top sources I’m pulling from so cheers bigears. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about crypto in the short time I’ve been in it is it’s all over the place like a madwoman’s custard 🙂

  2. Money is an issue that everyone has for a better and luxurious life, Life was hard for me until I started trading bitcoin and am now earning $20,000 per week

  3. It's hard to watch paper gains go away, but I'm committing to holding. I already missed an exit strategy so I'll start working on one for the next big run. I'm fortunate enough to have a mining rig. To help calm me down I'm starting to take profits on my mined ETH every 3 days so at least I have some USD to show for my efforts in the short term. I'm pretty happy with my ETH, BTC, ADA, LINK, MATIC stack so far. Here's to 5 -10 years of steady growth and best believe I'm taking some profits in the next big run =)

  4. Some people are unrealistic… Everyone has 401k they know how the stock markets takes dips and effects their 401k, why don't they see the crypto market is the same but more volatile

  5. guys, any gems you suggest I fill my bags with? it seems everything’s on sale with this deep 🤑

  6. I look at crypto assets for the long haul and for long term investors plan on this being a 7-10 year holding

  7. Get ready for this. CarbonTax Token is live. Just launched recently and it's going to the moon. Will you join? Better do some research and don't miss out!

  8. There is a cool person, a Google search for "Wallter Bulls copy'. He made a fortune a few years ago. Lately, such services have appeared that allow copying the results of skilled players. This person demonstrates how to copy him in automatic mode using such a service. We gotta try while the market is on the rise.

  9. Trading successfully is when you got the right strategy. Trading with Norman’s strategy has brought me great success. I have never seen a strategy as consistent as his.

  10. Thank you for all the great info as always….Curious how surprised you were that it crashed all the way to $30k ?

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