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  1. This is a nice video, I learn alot watching your videos and it has been very helpful to me. Trading stocks is quite difficult for newbies with low experience due to the high rate of scammers and losses involved. I will always recommend your videos for beginners to have a basic understanding of stocks and cryptocurrency . guys like you are rarely seen, keep it up .

  2. investing in crypto now is really cool especially with the current rise in the market for now….

  3. "decentralize" non governmnet intervention BS —Agenda 21knew all along —TAKE A BREAK off the SCREEN and take a good look around you ===Think for Yourself ! Soldier !

  4. Lmao all this clowns think they going to be rich by next year!? Lmao good luck clowns better luck getting a job and education that can advance you to bigger payouts in the future so go outside read a book play tag, play hide and go seek because those bills ain’t going to be hiding when ya loose all your money on this fake scams made by satoshi nakamoto can u even prove he is real or show a real photo of him fakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hi everyone I'm new to crypto trade and have been making huge losses but I recently see a lot of people earning from it. Can someone please tell me what I'm wrong

  6. BITCOIN is a pure MANIPULATION—- even WAR cannot put any currency up and down in just 5 minutes. The SAD part of it is— if BITCOIN is up or down, the VALUE of other CRYPTO is affected. It is not FAIR for other CRYTO ASSETS to rely its VALUE on BITCOIN.

  7. Anyone who is left holding the bag on this DESERVES it because they were warned time and time again. FOMO will ruin you.

  8. Forex trading is not for babies else you would end up losing your money, lower your ego and seek for guideline on how to trade bitcoin yourself here is Dillion_1uptrade who taught me how to day trade and i'm receiving my reward from his good work, his a God sent man-.

  9. my life changed when the demand on crypto got high, the strategy i use during my trading is superb and i get them from lisa_upfx o'n l' g ….;;;;;;

  10. I am very excited about the prospect of using cryptocurrency, not just as a money equivalent, but using it as a way to earn something as a result of doing some type of work

  11. This was wild just like to say I was here live! Well done keeping your cool, handled the pressure well

  12. The best thing to do with your money is to invest it rightly.because money left for saving always end up used with no returns.

  13. wen>>>invest in to electronic currecies its best thing to do especially now that the world is in this global pandemic. left to whatever peril that life throws at us.

  14. First timer Jason. Being the space for 5 years, I am amazed you just popped up on my YouTube after all these years. Must be the algorithm

  15. Investment are stepping stones for success. Waiting for the government to provide is a big waste

  16. Everyone is buying the dip until the dip decides to dip and then that dip dips again. To avoid getting rekt, always get your ass on an organically growing project like $AWC

  17. Yesterday Shiba went viral it's only time until it sky rockets buy low sell high invest in Shiba family sticking together 🙂🙏👍💲💲💲💲 viral is huge but now there is a different it's going up

  18. This live chat video will be legendary. The one crypto youtuber who took us live through the biggest dump of the cycle.

  19. Regarding the chart viability. You can read what the same few manipulators are doing with exactly this coin and these handful people are at it in the future too. It's no abstract market, It's people pulling strings

  20. I'm new to Bitcoin and would like to invest but I've got no idea on how to make good profit. Pls what's the best approach you'd recommend?

  21. Thank you Jason, great coverage so far and congrats on 200k+ views on this video, keep up the great work!

  22. Still bullish in the long term. Hopefully this correction will get rid of the pumpers and dumpers!

  23. Great 'Live Stream' last night and a worthwhile adventure – had to sleep in today. Appreciated…

  24. Everything will be OK? Really? How do you know? Sometimes, Fear is warranted. The 2021 financial delusion is coming to an end… for all assets, not just crypto. The "don't sell" message stinks of Ponzi-ness. The technical analysis message last week was that there was support at 50k. Here we are at 40k. Many people are headed toward financial ruin as a result of this type of content. You, along with the vast majority of the BTC community, are caught in a Group Think. Good luck 🙂

    EDIT: Here we are at 36K.

  25. I just worked a 12 hour ICU shift with no cell service and I come back to this! My portfolio dropped faster than my patient's blood pressure…

  26. So always was asking people if authoritarian governmental impositions because of covid has destroyed peoples will to live and find new jobs if they got laid off permanently. I'm just guessing no one has money and are already paralysed with fud.l to begin with. Leveraging and whatever. Ive never bought the one guy ate a bat any everyone is dying anyway so I'll hodl forever

  27. 2nd time viewing this same video as yes, u have great info and was first up on the news today! U have been keeping us confirmed multiple times a day , if needed! TU

  28. Hi Jason, IMHO crypto has more red flags than a Chinese new year parade, it is a Ponzi, my reason for saying this is simple, basic law of economics is the supply/demand equation, anything and everything has a price from zero to the "moon" fiat money supply is regulated by a central bank, Bitcoin has a limit of 21 million coins, but here is the illusion , Bitcoin is just a crypto computer code no different to all the other crypto coins, there are now more than 1600 dead crypto currencies , so the problem is the supply of crypto currency is infinite , whether it's called Doge or whatever, it is just code and the infinite supply makes it worthless, i predict Bitcoin will join the list of dead coins eventually, now with Chinese regulators cracking down other major economies will follow. Elon Musk is a fraudster knowingly pumping and dumping first Bitcoin and the Doge, he has a history of tweeting to manipulate Tesla share price for which the regulators fined him, no such regulations with crypto and Elon understands this well

  29. Thankyou Jason for addressing your viewers while the proverbial was hitting the fan, I hope your'e sleeping like a rock right now. My theory : Crypto markets were intentionally crashed to create perfect buying opportunities to move $ into crypto (safe) and away from stocks (unsafe) due to the imminent stock market crash. It will all recover and then some. A theory only.

  30. You guys seems so scared now,, this is normal we are a medium private corporations btc, eth miner from Canada and a holders since 2017, we continuously gets requests from whales/ early adopters to dumb our btc, eth in a timely coordinated manner to squeeze the retailers out and buy it back at a lower price we never did it as we are not here for retail money, cant disclose more as a corporation but we will for sure see a 160k btc and 12k eth at end of the year, and the correction will become smaller we need more Michael sailors we will stay strong behind you retailers Just stop selling at a loss and don't leverage, everything will be fine this market is too young to handle high leverage

  31. Jason do these type of crashes have a certain time cycle? Like when they come? Can anyone help

  32. Guys, it’s time to sell all your crypto, and use that money to buy AMC. it’s the end of the road for crypto but not for AMC’s squeeze. We can do this !!

  33. Mate…. You just proved how well controlled you are even when everyone else was in a panic and you provided a great live stream during that crash and readjustment.. Faith in in your knowledge is gold.. thanks for the live stream without any BS and hype and keep it up ..

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