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… Bitcoin price price moves very in a very volatile way, there is much opportunity in being prepared for upside and downside. We also cover Bitcoin news on this …



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    Intro 00:00
    Is it safe to be bullish on BTC? 00:30
    Bullish Bitcoin confirmation not here yet 00:40
    Watch Matic 1:05
    Bitcoin daily (bulls vs. bears) 2:10
    20 week moving average resistance area 3:00
    The best area for bull market confirmation 4:00
    Short term area to watch on BTC price for breakout 4:30
    Again…is it safe to be bullish? 5:50
    Bitcoin support in case of BTC dip 6:10
    Cardano news tomorrow! 7:00
    Cardano daily looking good 8:10
    Cardano price needs to break this for bullish confirmation 9:00
    In case ADA dips – support moving up 9:50
    Bullish Cardano hints 10:50
    Can this Cardano breakout repeat? 11:40
    Crypto Capital Venture stake pool update! 13:55

  2. Love this guy`s direct and Honest approach , never miss a video THANK YOU View more images

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  3. You can always be bullish if you don't sell for years down the road. I literally only care about the day to day price to watch for dips..

  4. 💰🤑💲Why people wasting time invest on cardano, safemoon. Do your research it's will be the new way to buy things. It's will be the new crypto currency favorite. Great investment people need to make is coinbase crypto currency the safemoon and cardano. Cardano and safemoon will have there own wallet system soon. It will rocket 🚀 to the moon. Make everyone rich millionaire. it's going to revolutionized all crypto, be the new way to buy things.💰🤑

  5. Can someone explain staking to me like I'm a kindergartner? I'm newish to crypto but I have done some research and have Cardano and polygon so far but thanks to anyone who can help!!!

  6. I’m not a religious person, but if he is this accurate about crypto is he right about the god thing? 🤣😂🤣

    Keep up the good work. Love the TA!

  7. Gold was last since 2011 this High we will see very very sonn red candles …merber stock market is a big move is coming!Get ready son ist going…stock market second crash!!movie is ready just watch…

  8. why does cardano not have billionaires investing in the product with its long term bullish outlook. As mentioned, It is clear what Mark Cuban has done for Polygon. With cardano at a very low price, might be what they need to attract buyers.

  9. It's good to talk about cardano but did you hear about Gamesafe which took +200% in 24h? Nice video by the way!

  10. Bro you're videos' are amazing! Can you release a short tutorial showing us how to use the Fib retracement tool? I like learning from the best! Thanks brother! God bless

  11. Quick question, how much are you getting paid to advertise cardano so much more heavily than anything outside of Bitcoin? I’m a fan of your chart videos you’re always good at outlying risks, Just with all the recent Issues of influencers getting caught w/ pump and dumps, just wondering what the major association is that you have with cardano to push it so heavily

  12. It's always safe to be bullish things that have the potential to change humanity for the better. Just be patient. If cardano goes to zero grab your bug out bag. It's gonna be all or nothing

  13. I really appreciate the way you present your TA. It’s something I’m currently striving to learn. How long have you been doing tech analysis?

  14. If BTC doesn't get it's crap together, a death-cross in our future I see. mmmmmm (in best Yoda voice, which is awful).

  15. Hey Dan, I missed the video where you drew the three squares for Cardano, the first two look fine, but I am not sure about what was the third one based on… looks kinda off, if you can explain again in one of your next videos that would be great, thanks in advance 🙂

    P.S. I know the time frame part that you used for the squares I am just not sure about the lower and upper limits, how you calculated them

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