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Bitcoin Explained in the Bitcoin Basics Workshop CBP Prep [Free Workshop Extras – See Description]

Bitcoin isn’t too hard to learn, if you’ve got a great teacher. That’s why you want to learn from the best, Andreas! In this video you’ll learn the basics of bitcoin …



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  2. Hola. Excelente material. Pero me encontré con la dificultad que a partir del minuto 40 aproximadamente, no subtitula mas en español. Lamentablemente no sé hablar Inglés y me cuesta mucho encontrar videos de Andreas subtitulados. En el canal de Youtube hay alrededor de 95, pero son todos de 6 años o más. Muchas de las personas de habla hispana con la que compartimos este interés en Bitcoin, padecemos el mismo problema. Seria muy grato para todos nosotros que puedan subtitular los videos actuales de Andreas. Gracias

  3. I'm italian, my dad always told me that joke with the value decreasing as the conversation goes along, I never realized it was about inflation and volatility

  4. I traved to the usa from canada when i spoted 1 popped up on a website from random google search. it was like a spy. I have pics!!!

  5. Just remember folks it's 2.1 quadrillion Satoshi not 21 quadrillion…
    Andreas screwed this part up

  6. Greeks knew why using alphabets as math and vice versa was applicable to life and the form of language in the brain. That's why math came very naturally to the academia!

  7. Dude you have been teaching me so much…. how can I explain to my wife that crypto is not detrimental to humanity…and is infact the opposite of that.

  8. So now I can travel with bitcoin at a million dollar value and not get pulled to the side by customs agents or TSA?.

  9. 1000 Bitcoin for two pizzas, wow bet he regrets that transaction. Those 1000 Bitcoin would be worth around £50,000.000

  10. Thank you for getting into the weeds a bit, for those of us new to this system, it is a bit confusing with the wallet ledgers and the payment groups-very informative. (This whole time, i thought the wallets held separate digital satoshi that were added, mixed together and separable like in a real coin-based wallet.) I enjoyed your sense of humor while presenting as well. Can you incorporate some videos of actual transactions taking place in your presentations? I think that would be awesome too.

  11. I'm new here can anyone recommend a good expert that I can invest my btc/bch/Eth/xrp with
    Please someone help 🙏

  12. They are not the most expensive pizzas because at the time of purchase Bitcoins value was equal to the value of the pizza. Now, if he bought two pizzas today for 10000 Bitcoin, they would be the most expensive pizzas.

  13. Bitcoin has Scarcity integrity. That is first and foremost, why it seems to be inevitable solution to the problems of the world monetary system. I like to imagine that whoever satoshi is, they read my dad’s books.

  14. Well that cleared up a couple of questions I had 🙌 thank you for your time and effort …. ✌️💚☯️

  15. A beauty "need cash in Bogota to buy a motorbike. Alice pays Bitcccoin to Bogota." Guy in Bogota: "Thanks for the Bitcccoin. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I need caaaaaaaaaaaaaaa$h. I need a motototototototototototorbike. How the f do I get the caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa$h?" The ATM doesn't have a normal cash output?????

  16. I don't like to like content before actually hearing it, with andreas however it's hard no to, since i don't know a single piece of bad content from him. @Andreas you have our well deserved gratitude, hope this goes on a long time 🙂

  17. Fantastic – added bonus bid and ask price charts, things no one else covers in Coinbase training very well, even this was covered.

  18. Today is March 7, 2021 and the price of Bitcoin is $50,000. When I come back and Check on my comment 5 years from now, the price of one Bitcoin will be worth $500,000+. Like this comment if you Agree

  19. Thank you sensei, you make this so easy to understand! And thank you for all you do for the crypto community!

  20. BEWARE!!! Okcoin claims they give you 15% APY when you stake STX. Many people have deposited STX and their accounts never got credited -> they lost their funds!! Okcoin = SCAM!!!!!!

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