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  1. Welcome back to the Crypto World channel! In this video I reveal my Exact Bitcoin Price Target! Make sure to watch the WHOLE video so you don't miss out on this valuable information!!
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  4. We were at 10 last night for fear. It was a great buying opportunity. Today the BWord stream really helped Bitcoin.

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  8. Call it manipulation or call it a bear market. Whichever but remember,

    The richest man in the world already bought. Institutions bought. A few random billionaires bought. And now close to 20% of the planet owns or has investments tied to bitcoin.

    All that has us at 33k today. Imagine what it would take to hit and hold 65k. It will be 25k next week and 15k next month. I was a 2018 survivor and remember the mass hopium as we slowly dropped 80%.

    Check back in around 2024…150k btc easy. But not anytime soon.

  9. Why you only have around 50k subscribers? Maaaaan! Your TA's are somehow always on point and with this video, I'm completely agree with you regarding price manipulation. I always looked into your TAs so please don't get tired uploading videos. We need you man. Thanks a lot!

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  12. He : Dont Buy Bitcoin, Risky..
    Me : OK

    He : Buy Bitcoin, Will Bullish Soon
    Me : OK

    Investor : Stupid

    Note : if you scare people to stay away from btc, they will.. and the bearish.. please dont scare people, that'll affecting the price..

  13. It’s unfortunate that some of us who only have a thousand bucks in our pockets we have to suffer

  14. Thanks Josh.. I’m fairly new to the crypto space. Your daily vids have been a huge help. Much appreciated?

  15. Josh, I bet you used to be a day trader. You always say "for the long term" as in the next few months. ?

  16. I have been using faucets and free money to get BTC (sign up for paypal get 5 bucks, venmo gave me 10, coinbase + learned crypto cash.) I'm up to 42.50 as of right now, I am in for the Long haul but will keep buying in with free money! Thanks cointiply!

  17. So we are pretty much in the immediate short term . Which is when whales are involved ? The huge spike seems to good to be true in my opinion because of the the low volume .

  18. There’s not one pattern which is not manipulated in the crypto world!!!
    When everybody starts to think bearish The price goes up and when everybody starts to go long Price it’s going down. Count the breakouts and the fakeouts. When you trade the fakeout you have a higher possibility!

  19. Bro, they have manipulated the price to go down, a lot of the short position were open before the crash and most of them got close way before the pump, don’t trust me, check the charts and time on them 😉

  20. hi josh, can you analisis Eth, do you think it ETH have potensi pattern cup and handle but upside down? if ETH breakout support 1.727 ?

  21. TSI is bearish, KST indicators bearish, google trends is bearish, blow of top alt coins already happen.

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