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Bitcoin may Crash to $10,000 | Explaining Elon Musk’s drama with Crypto

Subtitles added. Bitcoin may crash. Explaining the drama happening. If Bitcoin may crash, is dogecoin or Tesla stock a better alternative? To buy …



  1. I'd define the crypto-world investors in one word: Gullible.
    I'd say a good half of the entire population involved in crypto is regular people who don't even have their own criteria or deep knowledge on economics and quickly react to whatever socialmedia states.

    Elon is a powerful man but at this point everyone should have realized he's just gauging the extent of his power as an influence.

  2. Escape from a deflationary vampire currency, that is devouring all fiat currencies, amid the greatest inflation of fiat currency since pre-WW2…
    Into a high multiple growth stock that is staring down the barrel of an interest rate hike.

    Ken… I don't think you've thought this through from a macro perspective.

  3. Bitcoin Maximalist Vs Tesla Maximialist.

    Whichever makes your money, you will be the maximalist of the group

  4. Econ musk trolls constantly, makes fun of Michael saylor telling him to dress up as sailor moon for Halloween, trolling calling him Michael “giga chad” saylor. But zero criticism from you Tesla/ECon fan boys. Either he didn’t do his hw on btc or he still doesn’t fundamentally understand it but yet acts like he knows more then people who have been in the space for 5 years+. Tesla cars use electricity which is generated by coal! So does that mean we should stop using electric cars? No because we are moving to renewables, bitcoin mining is 70% renewable energy and will be transitioning to 100% sooner rather then later as it will be more profitable. Yet eCon comes out with the FUD. Sell your bitcoin we’ll see how that turns out for you in 10 years time.

  5. "The longer you are invested, the more money you make." < You will probably make more money but you never know for sure! That's why it's always good to lock in some profit at a peak and then let the remainder ride. Just like I did with Bitcoin, MNMD, and others. I still have Bitcoin, but it's pure profit now. I have already recovered the principal and taken meaningful gains. I will hodl the remainder without any anxiety, which is always nice.

  6. Hello! I bet it took an hour to record yourself six times in front of green screen plus post production to make 5 seconds of awesome content. Chicken gang 🤣 we love it. Believe me that effort doesn't go unnoticed! We luv U!!! (My wife and I laughed so much, awesome!)

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  8. Hey Ken, check out NANO currency. It's a fast, feeless and eco-friendly crypto which is created to be what Bitcoin was supposed to be. Right now there may be some issues with the spam attacks however it's an ambitious project with a great team and community

  9. I'm a UK based investor, can you recommend a good brokerage for trading? Thanks Chicken Genius, keep up the good work!

  10. So if I got you strait, in the last week you bought doge, sold btc and bought tsla with your btc. I don’t think your going to perform well this year or even over a 5 year time frame… why would musk be butt hurt from Bitcoin maxis saying he might sell😂 that’s the most unprofessional thing I’ve ever heard. Btc is cleaner than Tesla and space x and I don’t have to do a shred of research to figure that out. Batteries scattered all over the earth ok, how are those batteries powered, rare resources, hmm how are they dug out of the earth.

  11. It’s the mining that costs energy, seems like once all bitcoins have been mined the energy consumption won’t be as much but idk

  12. Master Chicken, can you make an in depth video explaining Cake Defi. I made an account and I am very excited to invest, I am just looking for guidance so I went to the best first, you! Chicken let's crack some eggs and bake a cake😂

  13. Sir how do you go about doing due diligence on stocks. You mentioned that learning about the business is more important. How would you recommend we start ?

  14. Hi Chicken Genius! I've been a fan & follower since my friend introduced you to me back in late 2020. Just wanted to ask about your thoughts on Michael Burry shorting tesla stock!

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