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Bitcoin News: Bull Run HEATING UP! (Best Case for Crypto)

Around the Blockchain is your favorite Cryptocurrency show discussing Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and the top altcoins. Our four crypto experts include Crypto …



  1. dude, the video is great, but can you talk about WABI next time? it has good potential imho, I don’t understand why people don’t discuss it.

  2. What do you think about asian coin market? Im thinking of diving more into wabi ad others while bitcoin is struggling so much

  3. It’s gonna go higher. There’s apps for children to invest now!!!! This is still beginning!!!!! Thanks Bitboy. Haters wanna hate

  4. im with bitboy, we just didnt have any blow off top , and while now el salvador and all institutions paypal apple amazon evern looking now . dont the goverment who want btc out off our hands and the whales who still need to buy more , know all the same indicators, death cross, gaussian channel , the trendlines with all the fake outs , everything and they made the cross happen and doing all cause they just know that is what the whole space , retail is following ? making that happen and then suddenly flip , and why is no one ever talking about the 5k to 1500k fast drop after fast run in 2017? than creeping back up to it , consolidating and then practicly in one month going 4x and all alts complety insane .. i believe we are at the level from 5k went to 1500k / 65k going to 30k ..still not worried

  5. Been stacking up $CVP instead of $BTC, I make more fortune by investing in mid-cap project than investing in Almighty $BTC

  6. Bitboy! Been bullish all along over and over he kept saying he’s not giving up on the bullish sentiment…today broke that 35.5k resistance still not in safe territory but this trend will keep going

  7. CryptoFace reminds me of an institutional whale who wants to manipulate the smaller fish to sell their Bitcoin so he can buy more. Wendy better get on board , crypto currency is taking off exponentially , nothing like 10 years ago and it will definitely affect THIS generation as far as large scale adoption all around the world

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