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Bitcoin News: Mini-Bear Market OVER (Latest Scoop on Crypto, Ethereum, ADA)

In today’s video, we will discuss the Bitcoin price, Ethereum updates, and other top crypto news. We have BIG crypto news today from PayPal, Apple, and Ripple.



  1. I did not realize the lottery is a scam until today. I never cared about it much anyway. More people should be aware. Your channel is my top choice for crypto news.

  2. Can tell you guys never looked at the SEC ripple case when you were saying it was going to lose

  3. hahaha I bet crypto has eaten so much of the lottery businesses lunch. Crypto destroys the lottery in all ways the new poor mans scratchers hahahahaha

  4. I got 3 Eth… only, unfortunately, does anyone believe that I should switch to Eth 2? Will it go automatically? Im new and confused 🤷‍♀️

  5. Your trying too hard to convince folk that this is not all it’s cracked up to be. This is sort of scary for middle class folk dumping their money into crypto. It’s just like the banks. They are in to make loads of money and will do anything to get it they literally took all that stimulus money that was poured into the market. Kind of sad

  6. I think the news came out so they can Syke Folk out to put more money in that’s why the news.

  7. At the very least Try to act like your not reading off a script Then on Top of it you try to sell me / us on all your BS

  8. Ripple will finally have the regulatory clarity they need one way or the other. And set an important prescedent for the entire crypto market. Also, look up the record high shorts on XRP right now. A short squeeze would be glorious!

  9. Mini bear market is definitely NOT over. This is straight hopium nonsense. We're very clearly entering an early bear market. Time to accumulate and HODL. See everyone in 4 years lol.

  10. The reason there are "so many credit cards" is because Mastercard does not stake your Capital One MasterCard… Capital One does.

    That's why it seems there is, like, 1 different VISA card per bank. Because credit cards are a banking product.

    You have never dealt directly with VISA even though it feels like you have.

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  12. CoinBureau deserves to be a bigger channel than you. He actually knows what he's talking about.

  13. Those comments about CoinBureau has really put me off this channel…. Im unsubscribing. That channel gives tonnes more value than this one.

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