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Bitcoin News: Most Profitable Bitcoin Signal Flashing (Top 3 Price Indicators)

In today’s video, we will discuss Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other top altcoins along with the latest crypto news. We’ll show you THREE on-chain indicators showing …



  1. I got ZIL on my Binance. I went to look at converting it to another crypto but it does not appear in any sell or convert options. Do you see anyone else having this problem.

  2. Don't believe this crap! They all paid to talk the talk they do! You pay with youre hard earned money the wealth of a few scammers

  3. So many people trying to pump BTC but we are seeing a paradigm shift current analysis cannot comprehend… it's like analogue for a digital world..

  4. Yeah right, consolidating firmly below the 200ema and 50fib lvl, with bearish patterns on the daily and the weekly charts. You might want to throw away those flashing indicators.

  5. Jason's gna blow up and get started… Or whatever his name is… Bit boys, Robin… Whatever his name is

  6. Don't get mad that youtube is allegedly censoring your content. You've been censoring people in the comments by deleting and/or hiding them from everybody else.

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