Bitcoin price prediction

Bitcoin price prediction Dec 2017 – Historical Fibonacci Retracement

Where do I think bitcoin will be in December 2017. hopefully a lot lower than it is today so I can buy more for less. Anything heres a historical analysis using …



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  7. Little did he know at the moment, the price didn't correct, in fact it jumped to over 16k mere a week later 😉

  8. Wasn't this clip shot right before btc hit 20k? I hope you didn't get the chance to watch your fiat go dry in a bank.

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  10. I just subscribed to your channel because of this awesome analysis. Hoping to see more of this

  11. Dec 8 BC hit $17K price , 2 days later $13.8K and now up to $17.5 . That's why historical data prediction don't all ways work.

  12. If you want to get more out of the buy orders, you should put let`s say 1000$ in the first buy order and then double on the others, 2000$ on the second and 4000$ on the third, that will get you an even lower average price on the BTC.

  13. Hi Jim. Fabulous video. Clear, concise and short. Loved it. Please can you post another view from 5 Dec to 31 Dec also. Not sure what to do during the festive season. Best regards, Christo

  14. Can someone explain why his 50% marks aren't 50% of the value? Similarly the 61% is neither 61% nor the complimentary 39%.

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