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Bored With Bitcoin? This BTC Price Level Is Key for a Big Breakout! | Mass Altcoin Extinction Ahead?

The price of Bitcoin (BTC), thetop-rankedcryptocurrency by market capitalization, has been ranging between $8600 and $10500 since the Bitcoin halving.



  1. Sure, I want be the next president too. I love bitcoin, so it's good for bitcoin. So go all in btc, I be the next president. Bevore I be the next president, I let it dump. Horrible, always this news and price dump same time. Lmao

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  3. sorry dude, btc is staying sideways for the coming time, no big moves, alts gonna run even more. And what a turd, so many alts are here to stay, mister i have only a btc bag. Extinction is his butt

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