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Today we had the biggest Bitcoin news all year. El Salvador passes the bill to make Bitcoin legal tender, clean energy mining solution using volcanos and more.



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  2. Without main media manipulation and FUD this market wouldof probably already recovered. Being upto date with news is actually worst thing person can do for hes personal investments lmao. in sunday peoples just FUDFUDFUD in all main media platforms and when monday comes out those news take 180 degree turn around almost like the fud never happened.
    Listening to my sister who is very new to investing talk about stocks because he READ the news and nothing else made me fking sick about how rigged peoples minds are

  3. Yeah it’s so massive , entire economy of El Salvador 🇸🇻 is TOTAL 24 billions ONLY !!!! It’s a joke news 🤣😂🤣 Sooooo Big

  4. Yo Tony, would you mind to make a video with your analysis on treedifi?
    Seems to be a promising project!

  5. Man I'm glad I'm not leverage trading. Buy the dips and hodl – then wait, wait, and wait some more. ANY FUD from practically anyone makes the market crash. Just wait for Biden to say something negative and watch it REALLY crash. Predicting this market is impossible at this time.

  6. Who the hell in El Salvador owns Bitcoin? The rich/ elite maybe, but for the regular person, not a chance.

  7. Hey guys, I found $STORY really interesting. They are basically crypto meets gofundme. Their concept is super promising. @storytoken on TG

  8. The rich invest their money first into assets instead of purchasing liabilities. Take a wise decision today to buy and invest in cryptocurrency

  9. Happy for BTC but sad for SLV.
    The country is not prepared for it. There are other more serious things the president should be worrying about…

  10. In few months or no time people will definitely start kicking themselves in regret for missing the opportunity to buy or invest in cryptocurrency.

  11. I think the President of El Salvador wrote an important part of history.
    We need to look at the positive side of the effort and understand that it is in perfect symbiosis with Nakamoto's thinking.
    Bitcoin is for everyone and should set us free.
    Then we can talk about all the better, more scalable, etc. currencies.
    But in fact El Salvador started before everyone else: it talked little and acted a lot!

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