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Buildbox Livestream Episode 011: Live Q&A With Zack Griset

In this video, Zack Griset and the Buildbox team are going to get a few questions answered from some of the members of the amazing Buildbox community.



  1. Buildbox stream question time stamps

    Many BB docs from this stream are in BB discord channel

    4:26 – How do you make particle effects like wind, rain, fire etc?

    32:19 – Can you please suggest some platforms to sell or Publish my games?

    40:36 – games made in Buildbox run smoothly on iOS but not on Android?

    41:39 – How to make a level section menu using swipe?

    54:43 – How do I make a randomised level?

    1:00:53 – How to make an enemy follow a player like the game 'Pursuit Police' by Kwalee?

    1:11:10 – What;s the best way to set up attributes with variables like a question game?

    1:17:39 – How can I shoot 1 bullet like a boomerrang but make it so the player can't shoot again until it returns?

    1:41:23 – Whats the software you use to make game assets?

    1:46:00 – How to make a player find hidden letters in the game and use them to make a secret password to move to the next level?

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