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Building NFT Marketplaces Without Code Using VereNFT

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Speaker : Teresa Chan

When people think about the Metaverse and NFT, their immediate associations are all the technical or more recently artistic items. However, the Metaverse and NFT are beyond that. The talk will cover how far the Metaverse and NFT can bring us to, how they can contribute to the advancement of humanity and society, and how VereNFT can make them happen for brands and individuals.

Built on top of the Aventus Network, VereNFT is a whitelabel NFT platform and service provider that guides brands, companies and individuals in the creation of their own NFT marketplace with no technical expertise needed. With the support of a dedicated customer success team and an environmentally sustainable technology infrastructure, VereNFT is everything brands need to position themselves in the Metaverse.

In the future, brands in the Metaverse might be more visible than those in the real world. Hence, they have the ethical responsibility to integrate nicely with the NFT community, and help to promote accessibility, equality, education, community development, etc. VereNFT is here to work with brands to unleash their potential in the NFT space, and contribute to the advancement of humanity and society.



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