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Stake Your Cardano with my new ADA Pool! Ticker: CCV2 How to Stake your Cardano – CCV2 pool id for delegation: …



  1. ⚡⚡Stake Your Cardano with my new ADA Pool! Ticker: CCV2

    How to Stake your Cardano –

    CCV2 pool id for delegation:

    Intro 00:00
    Bitcoin news 00:55
    BTC weekly 2:35
    Bitcoin daily chart 3:50
    Bitcoin resistance update (wait for bullish confirmation) 4:30
    ADA / BTC pair 10:10
    ADA weekly 11:00
    Cardano price on daily 11:40
    ADA price hits resistance 12:30
    If Cardano dips… 14:30
    Staking Cardano with Crypto Capital Venture and our mission 20:00

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  4. Don't give spotlight to the haters, you are doing an awesome job, keep doing awesome Cardano videos!!!

  5. You are amazing, I am new to crypto but you make it so understandable 😍 the only thing I would like to know, if it's possible, how did you set up your Fibonacci tracer ? Thank you, keep it up, you are amazing

  6. I saw a video here about staking on Cardano. What was the site that has the digital wallet to enable this? Can I just stake a small portion of my ADA, and what is the current APR?

  7. There's so many channels out there and I genuinely find you to be pretty thorough, honest, and caring. Wish I could afford more to get into ADA further, hopefully my little investments takes me a long way in the long term. Thanks for the vids and keep up the good content 😀

  8. Hey Dan,

    Highly appreciate everything you have been going for us. Would you be down to show us Fibonacci retracement tool in more detail? So many of us would profit from it.

    Much love!

  9. Appreciate your TA! Which fib retracement indicator is that? Where is it on TradingView? Can't seem to find it. Cheers!

  10. Insider note: Cardano has $100Bn in contracted users waiting for smart chains to go live. This puts ADA at $6 to $7 right out of the gate.

  11. Nice vid! Im in LabraCoin now, community based and we also had a dip but hopefully all coins will moon soon!

  12. If everyone knows there will be a blow off top then it is best to get out early and lock in profits. Is that what we just witnessed?

  13. Don't worry about the dislikes. They are the same people who hit the dislike button on cute puppy videos. Keep on informing us!

  14. You know, for a Cardano guy, there is so much more you could be discussing instead of multiple times a day coming online to show us what we’re all watching in the charts and saying “this is what we want to see, but we will have to see how it plays out.”

    How about glossing over the couple hours of change since your last video and explain why there is reason for belief in the project; projects coming online and timelines for those to show when we can definitely expect some increase in value. Or maybe things that could be a temporary hiccup.

    Such as the Sundae Swap ISO that was supposed to lunch today being announced postponed yesterday, less than 24 hours before it was meant to open. The implications of one of the first projects supposed to launch of the upcoming smart contracts that we are all watching and waiting on suddenly seeming highly disorganized?

    But no, all the creators out here just regurgitating the same shit day in and day out. I can watch and read a chart, I want discussions about things of substance. Not just pointing at a chart and saying the same shit over and over again.

    Sorry dude, time to unsubscribe. Crypto creators on YouTube have all become click baity, fee good, beggars for attention. Would respect you more if you didn’t just I still hope and spoke some real shit about real topics instead of constant speculation.

  15. Appreciate your time for these videos my brother. You are a realist. Positive vibes from the UK. 👍

  16. $ETH is going to move to PoS system. Could you make a video and compare $ADA's PoS and $ETH's PoS, what would it change and could $ETH's upgrade hurt $ADA?
    Wold be very helpful…

  17. Youre one of my favorite crypto youtubers now. After that dip i learned not to listen to overly bullish hopium. You are very balanced and you always seem to have a good time! 🙂

  18. Thank you so much for being here for us, especially during these times! I've only been truly investing in crypto since March 2021, and I have learned a lot from you. You have some of the best Cardano TA out there. I look forward to learning more from you.

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