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Buy and store precious metal using The Perth Mint’s online trading platform The Perth Mint has made investing in precious metals even easier with a secure online trading platform that offers investors …



  1. Allot of brainless comments from others. Storing gold with the Perth Mint is the safest place it could be.

  2. I wonder why people do dump huge funds on Gold whereas with some certain strategies one can make fortune with as little as $1000 investing and trading in cryptocurrency

  3. Whats the difference between mint and cast? And one more thing , if we started with online storage can we get the physical gold if we want to?

  4. You can store my metals for free until you charge me then il take over the severity of the security myself and will be able sell for a higher premium instead of ur based level values that are impossible to lose on buy low sell high i will thanks hahaha

  5. Man I cant imagine what all these eastern worlds would have been like 200 years ago…. something just seems off about all this

  6. How is the Gold delivered, for example after 5 years of accumulation. Is it allowed to be delivered from Perth to another country?

  7. Great information. I already have gold accounts with Euro Pacific Bank and GoldCore who store some of my gold at the Perth Mint. Would me opening an account directly with you be another way to diversify?  And since I am in Canada what would be the minimum amount in dollars to start an acct with Perth Mint? Thank you

  8. the gold is everywhere. Theres gold in the room, gold in the air, gold in the chair, gold on the desk. GOLD GOLD GOLD. GOOOOOOOAALLLLLLD

  9. First rule of stacking – If you don't own the physical you don't own it. Beautiful display BTW! Please get closer and film it in 4K and pan over the shiny goodness for like 10 minutes or so. Precious metal porn.

  10. ⬅ No Thanks, trusting a bankrupt western gov't with your safe haven assets is like giving a ride to a scorpion on your back… given enough time, you'll get stung by them.

  11. Hi: For US residents, will there be a transaction report or 1099 issued to the U.S. Government upon the sale of significant positions? Thx, LL

  12. I prefer the stuff on the table top, but nice idea. Problem is you are in the system. And the system can fail you when the actual supply fails to match what was purchased. Just saying…

  13. Love the Gods and Goddess' of Olympus……..I hope you continue the series in 2016 in some way….

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