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Buying Gold Using GoldPass

Gold #PerthMint #BuyGold I share my experience using the GoldPass app from the Perth Mint to buy Gold backed certificates. I’m impressed with the …



  1. Thank you for this info, The app has the option to convert certificates to tokens (PMGT), new dummy here, why would you convert to token ? What is the difference between the two ?

  2. You can buy and sell at or near to the spot price compared to buying and selling physical gold through a Brisbane dealer who will charge a minimum of a three percent margin over spot. The Gold Pass is similar to buying unallocated gold . You have no claim to any particular gold bar in the event of an insolvency or default . The risk of owning physical gold is theft or a default by the safety deposit company and of course a safety deposit value charges an annual fee plus you need to insure. The Goldpass is almost identical to the Swiss based GLINT card but the Glint card comes with a credit card attached so you can buy at a retail shop and your GliNT gold is adjusted . Go Glint

  3. Gold pass ?
    You’re right in asking what if they don’t have physical gold and if the government decided to abolish or confiscate gold

    Hmmm…can’t trust…if my gold sitting in somebody else pocket/system/vault, then it’s still their property not mine

  4. Good review – I see a lot of comments that you need to hold it agree 100% – However as a transaction too that has the ability to increase in value / Similar to BitCoin – I think it may be on the right track ! The problem with physical is its not very convenient – ie this new thing you could hold money in it and hope for increase in value / rather than Bank accounts and fixed term etc which are a disaster for returns. Looks like a great idea – I will give it a try !

  5. instructions unclear; dick stuck in financial adviser.
    question : does GoldPass use perth mint prices, or trading market spot prices?

  6. Buy a gun instead. When system collapses you can't hunt food by choking it with a piece of paper in its gob OR hurling a gold bar at it. Plus you'll have to defend your family and food source cause the zombie left will come for it. I don't think ppl realise the system crashing is not going to be a good thing in beginning.

  7. I have just started using the app. Actually pretty good. I used to own a lot of bullion but it really is a pain in the arse. Pretty to look at and kiss and lick but that goes away pretty quick when you have to lug it around.
    This app works flawlessly so far and makes the whole ownership of gold so much easier.
    Just another investment tool in the arsenal.

  8. GoldPass lets you redeem physical gold. Have you tried this? Would be interesting to see the process. I'm guessing would have to be either minted or cast bars. Online orders are shipped via TOLL, $17.50 per 1 Kg.

  9. florian if you dont have it its not yours – plus if you physically hold the gold you will become more successful through the vibrations

  10. Its dumb to buy gold without gold in hand. When the company goes into liquidation so will your gold. This is a ponzie

  11. I buy unallocated gold from a Melbourne dealer only fees on selling or converting to bullion $10 per 1k is cheap what is the conversion to Bullion or is selling a fee or free.

  12. Florian your a smart guy so I'm giving you some homework –
    Find out how much Australia has in gold in Australia
    Then look at how much in gold certificates
    They should be equal but I think the answer will surprise you , RSVP

  13. Buy the real thing Heise! Not the derivative. The AUD has about ten years left of value in it before it dies in the a$$! Then physical gold and silver will be priceless

  14. The only benefit i can see is like a day trading thing, but you loose the advantage of that with the time it takes for transfers. No thanks

  15. If you don’t hold it you don’t own it! Gold has been a store of value for thousands of years it’s not a risk, it was even deemed a tire one asset and moved into Basel 3. Tire one is 0 to no risk asset, load up on silver too cheaper and has a bigger potential to explode. Mike Maloney hidden history of money is a great watch on YouTube!

  16. I suggest call options Royal Perth mint ASX code PMGOLD, 1/100 ounce of fine gold share, I purchased 2000 shares, can on sell shares or redeem in cash or bullion from Perth Mint

  17. Second hand jewellery can be enjoyed as well as having scrap or resale value in tougher times.
    I regard any reasonable looking 9k bought below $30 a gram as pretty good value and have mostly obtained it for much less.

  18. The deposit into their bank is a bit old school but I like it overall. It really works like a bank account with some delays with transferring funds.

  19. Out the ground present day the ratio of silver to gold is now under 10:1, yet the exchange ratio is 93:1. Back in the record ratio time around 1991 of 99:1 it was still coming out of the ground at far closer to 15:1 ratio, therefore my maths tells me when compared to gold, silver has NEVER been this cheap! EVER!! There is also the fact that most of this silver is used up in industry and is unrecoverable, while 95% of all the gold dug out of the ground is just buried again in vaults!

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