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Chia Network Plotting & Mining PC Build Guide

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  2. @TheBitcoinMiner Should I be plotting while my external hard drives are plugged into the usb hub and by that means plugged into my computer. Or should I plug the external hard drives directly into my motherboard usb slots? My worry is going through the usb hub for plotting the external hard drives will be slower. What about using one of my pcie slots to add a multi usb card?

  3. Which is the best to plot chia (Asus TUF Gaming X570-PLUS or Asrock X570 PRO4 or ASRock X570M Pro4) ?

  4. I’m currently mining Bitcoin on a decent machine and a 1080 ti video card, it’s making .0005 ($30) Bitcoin every 4 days. I’m thinking can I just hook up some external Walmart 14tb drives and let my system mine Bitcoin with the GPU and plot and store (chia) with the CPU and SSD’s and M.2’s already in the system at the same time?

  5. @thebitcoinminer awesome video. thanks for all of the details. can you just please let me know 1. how much time/hours does it need to complete these 14 plots in parallel and 2. what is the download/upload speed that I need for this?

  6. Great video! One question though. Why are you using to ssd as temporary drives instead of one? Is it more efficient two 2tb drives than one with 4tb?

  7. hello! thanks this video help a lot! how many 2 TB SSD you need per HDD TB? I mean, 14 TB HDD need 4 TB SSD temp space? what is the rate? thanks

  8. I have that exact same processor in one rig and an I9 10900k in another. the AMD CPU gets about one-and-a-half to 1.75 plots per day While my i9 gets about 3.5 to 4 plots per day that is not a good processor for plotting just saying

  9. how much did you spend on that setup? Edit: never mind saw it in the comments below, roughly 2000$

  10. Very nice videos! I have so far 90 plots and following your videos made it easy… My only question would be if you have actually been rewarded yet? I would really appreciate if you could answer me. Anyway thank you for the videos!

  11. If I have a gaming rig can I rededicate it for mining chia? I know the storage SSD will burn out, but will it damage the other components?

  12. Will it be good idea to buy 4tbx2 Ironwolf drives to hold onto and then sell it after prices rise up or buy 6tb drives?

  13. Thanks for the video. I noticed that the difficulty factor has gone up significantly since you started mining. Are you still finding it profitable?

  14. So with Chia's current value, how much/little are you making each day? I was always building a PC for some light GPU mining but I might swing over to Chia instead

  15. Does need super fast internet connection for Chia minning?? I have a regular speed connection as says it's download:18Mbs upload :15Mbs ping:180
    Is it enough???

  16. @TheBitcoinMiner What is the purpose of the two mini computers shown in the video that are on the shelf? I didn’t really understand their purpose. So can you explain? 🙂

  17. The videos I've seen of people mining Chia rarely go above 1200MB/s to their NvME drives…
    I must be missing something as to why everyone is pushing these 4000/4000MB/s+ drives.

  18. Hello, Nice video and thanks for great explanation. I am confused about one thing. Once you plot the Hard drive, do you need to continue plotting? So once you burn out an SSD, can you still be farming with the already plotted hard drives?

  19. How many plots i can use in parallel? Or how I can calculate the best configuration for my setup?
    Ryzen 7 3800x
    256gb ssd OS
    4TB ssd plotting
    32 GB RAM 2666Mhz
    600W 80+ Bronze

    120 TB /15X8TB External HDD's

  20. If I wanna start with 1x14TB External HDD, should I follow this guide too? Or I can have a lower specs?

  21. once the m.2 ssd burn up do u need to replace them to keep plotting to make money… or all you need to do is hold the plots on the hdd and that will earn you a chance to win
    or the plotting process the part the pay u from if ur selected at random

  22. First thanks for your video , Please can you tell me how much chia coins you can farm with this setup in one day or in one month .

  23. Have you had issues with the HDD disconnecting? I've heard people say you shouldn't use USB because they disconnect all the time and you lose the farm.

  24. I really want to learn how to get into Chia, but it seems like everyone on the internet starts tutorials from a point that doesn't quite explain the very basics. I've watched about 4 of your videos and a couple on Son of a tech's channel. I'm a fairly experienced ETH miner but this seems completely foreign to me. If anyone could help direct me to a forum or video that explains this to dummies I'd really appreciate it!

  25. if you have 4 discs for plotting chia you need to make a RAID to see it as a large TB disc or you keep them separated?

  26. I am curious about 3 units for this temporary area. If it's 1 unit for the plot area. In total, 4 units are needed to mine 1 unit of plot? I hope I could explain my question. in my bad english

  27. So once the farms are all established on the HDD you no longer need the SSD for plotting? You can just get rid of the SSD's and keep the HDD's for farming if you aren't wanting to expand it further?

  28. I am trying to understand because setting up my own rig now, I can see you have a lot of storage space, but surely its equally important to have as many 2TB SSD plotting to that storage as possible? so it plots faster? if you have 1 PC with 2 SSD's plotting to 30 HDD's its not as effective as having 4 PC's with 8 x 2TB drives plotting to the same storage?? I am really trying to get my head around this… I am afraid "farmers" and "nodes" is a little above my knowledge, I have no idea what they are… am I right in thinking that you have 1 PC with 2 X2TB SSD plotting and then another PC farming the stored plots??

  29. Hi the bitcoinminer pls can you tell me how much chia coins you can farm with this setup i want to try it to but i must be 100percent Sure that this setup is good

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