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Traditional cryptocurrency mining is slow, wasteful, and centralized. Chia’s method is energy efficient and broadly distributed, because even digital money …



  1. Ah yes the unused portion of their hardrive. The 100TB unused hardrive they specifically bought for farming.

  2. Hello,

    I have this problem on the Chia app, Yesterday I was plotting and I woke up earlier then I saw my that my SSD is full so I cancelled the plotting and close the App. And when I try to open

    The chia app again, it’s stuck in the “Connecting to wallet” So I uninstalled my Chia app, but copied the .chia file just to make sure. I installed it, open the app, put my 24 mnemonic words and

    To find out that I don’t have my XCH balance on my wallet anymore. What should I do? Do I need to put the plot again? Sync it first to get my balance back to my wallet? Please do help me.

    Thank you.

  3. The genesis block was only written on March 19th '21. And it only launched on an exchange (OkEX) 3 days ago. Ticker: XCH

  4. "we don't use GPUs for nothing, we use disk space for nothing!" – HDD prices skyrocketing. from current low back to prices 1 year ago in 7 days.

  5. Isso já existe se chama ADA Cardano, até parece que já não foi resolvido esse problema de energia da BTC, tanto que até o ETH vai ter mineração por numero de moedas, não consumindo praticamente nada de energia, querem promover a empresa de vocês mostrando que outra é pior, esse não é caminho, façam o trabalho de vocês e deixem que os outros avaliem qual negocio é melhor se não fosse o BTC vocês nem existiriam 😉

  6. This doesnt address how the Chia members are paid or if they are paid. Are there any details on the range I could earn with my Mac laptop (and other machines)?

  7. How is this going to stop "mining" or "farming" farms from developing if chia overtake bitcoin in popularity, well be back to the same energy problem.

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