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Conflux (CFX) EPIC RISE!!!! jumping 240% this month and still adding partners!!!! A Must buy token.

This video will go over the Bullish CFX token as things start to pop off for March Madness. A zero Gas token that is dapp ready and already making waves in the …



  1. Yeah, but where can we SELL Conflux.
    Even on OKEX that you mention, you can only buy. No sell, no trade.

  2. I'm mining CFX since January and I manage to rise about 4K by now! What I don't understand is why on their whitepaper maximum suply is 5 BLN but on coinmarketcap the maximum suply is 10 MLN. What am I missing? why is this difference? just asking.

  3. I'm mining Conflux right now as a test with 2 RTX 2070 Supers. The real life results are definitely lower than the estimates, but it is profitable at CFX current price of ~70 cents. Best I could do so far with the 2070 Supers was ~46 mh/s at 134 watts each.

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