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Create ERC721 Token with OpenZeppelin

Tutorial to create an ERC721 Token with OpenZeppelin and Solidity. Other Links: – Forum: – Blog: …



  1. your title is create erc721, but u dont really teach how to create them. u don't show HOW TO CREATE erc721, all u do is just telling people how to use openzepelin, anyway, how do u set the main url and how do u deploy erc721 using remix?

  2. Regarding openzeppelin defined ERC721 interfaces, if I import them within my contract, do I need to provide the signature of all the functions contained within the said interfaces in order for them to be available, or importing them is sufficient?

  3. Any chance you can publish an updated version? The current OpenZeppelin ERC721.sol includes all the other interfaces by default, and some other things have changed.

  4. Is it possible to make an erc223 and have each token with 0 decimals and each token be mark as erc721, each registered by owner, like a smart contract fingerprint that works like tamagotchi to confirm each withdraw??

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