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Create Your Own Stock Tracker: Beginner Google Sheets Tutorial

This tutorial is targeted to beginners who do not have much experience with Excel or Google Sheets. As such it is relatively slow paced and relaxed, walking you …



  1. This tutorial is targeted to beginners who do not have much experience with Excel or Google Sheets. As such it is relatively slow paced and relaxed, walking you through the process and providing you some spreadsheet tips along the way. We can do more advanced tools if you are interested (leave a like/comment to let me know)!

    Timestamps for navigation
    00:58 Getting started with inputs
    03:40 Creating formulas
    04:08 Price
    06:46 Total gain/loss
    08:36 Total equity
    09:36 Portfolio percent
    12:34 Total cost
    13:07 Formatting
    16:31 Building out the stock dashboard
    19:55 Building the portfolio visuals – portfolio allocation chart
    22:45 Building the portfolio visuals – portfolio performance chart
    25:34 Summary
    26:24 How to get notified of my upcoming free stock spreadsheet course

    If you have any questions or comments (including technical issues building your spreadsheet, just leave a comment below.

  2. Amazing video. Yre an incredible communicator. Very objective and really precise in every detail. Thank you so much for sharing your skills with us ! regards from Portugal !

  3. Michael, thank you so much for this tutorial. I have one request, how can the tracker pick up penny stocks that are sub pennies? Everything is rounding off to .00 but there are values to these sub penny stocks, can you assist?

  4. This is very useful, thanks so much. The only part I'm struggling with is to make to make my Total Equity and Total Costs red as appropriate. I was able to do it for total gains/loss per share. I notice on your demo; these two columns are not red either. Any assistance here would be much appreciated!

  5. For the "negatives" to appear red or the "positives" to appear green it is easier to do the following after selecting the desired cells:
    1. Click the "Format" tab
    2. Click on "Conditional formatting"
    (For negatives) In the menu "Format cells if:" select "Less than" and insert the value of zero under it. Then change the letter color to red and the background color to white. Finally click "Done"

    (For Positives) Click on "Add another rule" and do the same as above but instead of "Less than" use "Greater than" and instead of red use green.

  6. Hi , really an informative video. I tried to add some Canadian tickers and they are showing different value when I used Google finance for the current value, how do I correct that ?


  8. Most traders are searching for that elusive method where they never lose or can win eight or nine trades out of 10, amassing huge profits in a short amount of time with no risk.

  9. Very handy starting point.. However, respectfully.. It is slightly flawed in that it doesn't track fractional shares.

  10. all the spread sheets I keep looking at don't do financial year data… for example, if i buy in June sell in October the same year, it needs to be recorded for the financial year that October falls in so as to report my taxes… if you buy 2 years ago it doesn't count for FY until you sell it… these data sheets that I keep looking at don't show the report to send to my accountant to report the year that the loss or profit was made in..

  11. This is great and I appreciate you putting this together for us. However, how can this be maintained when you buy additional shares of the same stock at a different price? Do you have to have multiple rows of the same stock at those different prices?

  12. Awesome video learned a lot. how could I implement call options and warrants into the spreadsheet?

  13. You are a blessing …. I am a newbie to all of this and I feel like a grand-master after the presentation

  14. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!. It made my "beginner stock concept" much easier!!

  15. Don't mean to shit on your video bit what's the point of making a spreadsheet you can literally see all of this on your brokerage account without putting in this work it just seems excessive

  16. Why does it show as £ and not $ when I ch age the format to accounting? I’ve tried changing the currency but it still keeps changing back

  17. You know what, its people like you that keep the world going round, an absolute gem u are thanks mate so grateful 🙂

  18. I made this yesterday and when I opened it today, the google finance part did not reflect today's prices. Is there any way to fix this? Why isn't the spreadsheet pulling current info from googlefinance? Please advise.

  19. Thank you Michael – can you please help me linking Doge Coin to my sheet cuz the formula didn’t work for my crypto stock — plz plz thank you ❤️

  20. Is it normal for Yahoo finance to stop working in Google sheets? I keep getting n/a in my spreadsheet.

  21. Hello Mr Michael,

    I like this video…but 1 question..can u tell me how I get the live € price?

  22. Hi Michael! Thanks for the very helpful video! I was following along but had trouble swapping the order of the stacked bar chart. I would like to put my cost on the bottom and my gain/loss on the top, but switching the order of the data range didn't help me. Grateful for your advice!

  23. Thanks for such a great video. Question, so whenever I load this spreedsheet up it will auto update or will I have to click and push enter for each one?

  24. Thank you so much for this demonstration. I was able to follow along and the formula used really worked..

  25. Thanks for this video – it's SO helpful. Quick query, some of the price & equity shows up in pounds, and some in pence for British shares. Is there a way of changing this?

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